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  1. Well done to MW, NR & FA..great finish...shame the rain held off!!
    Surprisingly, LH was having a moan about everything...unlike him...oh hang on, no its not!
  2. I do just wish there was a bit more an opportunity to overtake at Monaco. Was as exciting as it could be I guess, Massa being able to overtake Alonso early on, button not getting held up so much, Rosberg getting past Webber.... how different it could be if it wasn't a procession.

    Driver of the day for me though was Vettel, he deserved his place with quick consistent lap times when they were needed.
  3. I fell asleep. It really is a shame that it becomes a procession, everyone would keep it on the calendar cos it's Monaco, but if there's no racing then why bother?

    The finish was close, fair enough, but because there was no tyre degradation and no opportunity to overtake. Webber seemingly controlled, but the cynic in me suggests he wasn't the fastest car, just the car in the best position.

    Button needs to sort it out, otherwise I'll think again about picking him in my fantasy F1 league for the third year running next year!
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    just a thought about button, i saw his dad say he has a few personal problems at the moment, is he having woman problems i wonder? we haven't seen his mrs for a few races and she is usually at all of them.
  6. Well done Mark Webber. I'm loving it that he's doing so well this year, that Vettel seems to be the one struggling so much. And poor old Schumie. Another DNF due to no fault of his own. Luck will turn soon I'm sure. It's still a long way off, but I'm looking forward to Spa.
  7. Here we go again. It's Canada! Guess who's going to win this weekend. I'm not going to tempt fate. Then again, I probably just did. OK, Schumie to win. 8)
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    at least it's on at a decent time this weekend i love the evening races it means i can do stuff and not stop to watch it then decide i can't be bothered to start again. oh and hamilton i reckon.
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  11. Terrordales

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    I'd say it's a good chance for Hamilton.
  12. Did you know? Of the three mechanical failure retirements prior to Monaco, if Schumacher had finished each race in the same position, as where his car broke down, and if he hadn't got that 5-place penalty in Monaco and had gone on to win that one race, he'd now be leading the world championship.
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  14. 7 winners in 7 races ??
  15. Get the feeling this could be Vettel's race. He just looked so strong in quali. Not sure on my 2nd/3rd predication, think Alonso will take one and Webber the other, I think they have a slightly better race pace than Lewis.

    Big question is how the hell are the tyres starting to revert to the Bridgestone one stop races?
  16. Where is everyone? Was thinking there may be a few predictions etc this close to the race.... oh well, shutting down to enjoy the racing now.
  17. I don't usually cheer on Hamilton but Button is too far back
  18. Think that was the best race I've seen in a few years. It was a race from lights to flag, fantastic !
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    yep was a good race, can't remember the last time the canadian race had no safety car either, dunno what's going on with jenson, seems he has the blues like lewis had last year.
  20. Just watched the highlights! LH drove a great race, and a deserved win considering his efforts this season. Reckon he's got to be odds on for champion.

    JB needs to sort it out. The car is competitive, is getting pole and podiums and he can't bring it home in the points... Or get me points in my fantasy F1 team!!

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