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    :lol: schumie man has taken the bait.

    Drivers Standings as of today....
    Nico 5th 75 points
    Msc 13th 17 points

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    mechanical failiure and erratic driving..... i'm only yanking your chain matey, i know you think msc is god i just think he should have stayed 7 times champ and had the legacy of always being great, now he will always be asked (when he retires again) do you regret coming back and being a bit marmite? i reckon he's maybe got 1 more season but the trouble is there are so many excellent drivers this year.
  5. Whatever! ;)
  6. Well done Webber. I think after all Mclarens mess ups earlier in he year with a quicker car, they have now switched around and now need to improve the car
  7. If Jenson says "it's difficult to overtake here" in any other races this year I'm gonna....

    Good race by Grosjean... He managed to overtake a bit!!
  8. There was loads of overtaking, just ask Maldonado, get alongside and then nudge them off
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    this thread went a bit quiet.... last week (germany) was the 1st race since 1991 i didn't see in it's entirety - since getting the van i've missed 3 races "live"but recorded them live and watched as live not knowing the result later in the day, however last weekend it was on sky not bbc and i can only watch that off an internet feed on the laptop which i didn't have while away so i saw it bbc highlights only, it seems consistency is king at the moment and Alonso is slowly edging ahead with 3 wins and points every race, even today at hungary he can afford a non finish and webber to win and he will still be 20 points ahead.....not good i'm not a fan of Alonso, Hamilton looks good although the Mclaren doesn't seem as good in the wet and a wet race is predicted, todat is the last race for a month so when finished 11 out of 20 arecompleted and Alonso will be leading, let's hope the mid season break sees improvements for some of the other teams and we can get a chase on by Button or Hamilton and get a Brit champion this year.
  11. Still watching... on the beeb too! it is quite nice not to let it rule my weekend lunchtimes, but i do miss the live build up and growing anticipation.

    Alonso is always credited with being a smart racer, just staying that one step ahead of his nearest rival... which was his downfall in 2010 when he saw off Weber rather than Vettel. I think it may close up towards the end of the season, because Ferrari still have the 3rd or fourth best car on the track. they've got it working well now, but they have to make another big step to match the Maclarens in current guise.

    I'd put my money on a Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel threeway in the last race :)
  12. Go Schumie! ;)
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  14. Spa. It's coming very soon. Schumacher's 300th F1 GP and favourite circuit. The omens are good. It'll be interesting to see what steps forward all the teams have taken during their month out. If Schumie's to win a race this year, the most likely place is Spa.
  16. I'd just like to get this in before TLB goes off line. Schumie to win Monza. And, get stuffed Lewis Hamilton. You ain't taking the seat next year.
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  19. I wondered, whilst very drunk last night, if Ferrari had built their car to be Monza specific... they weren't too far behind the Macs yesterday and they don't like being embarrassed in front of the tiffosi :)

    Hamilton win, Button second me thinks!
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