Darren MacRae goodbye (again) post!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by DarrenNI, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. What a great post to come back to the forum full time with.

    All the best Darren, and every respect for coming back and storing good memories back. Made me day. Good luck with the move...
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  2. Thanks mate, after all it's good to know everyone is still putting up with me here! :)
  3. @CliveNeilands isn't.

    He's so annoyed with you he's gone to sea!!! :lol:
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  4. Thank you! :) "They may take our lives... But they'll never take our Volkswagens!"... Oh wait... They just took mine! :eek: Right... Rethink... " They may take our lives... But they'll never take OUR FREEDOM! Alba gu brĂ th!"
    Maybe I should change my username to Braveheart lol ;)
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  5. Thank you! Glad after all that's happened we can all look back and laugh about it. :)
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  6. :eek: That's why I can't get him on Skype! ;) Lol! ;) I'll need to have words with him when he's back on dry land! ;)

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