Darren MacRae goodbye (again) post!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by DarrenNI, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Welcome back Darren! Just got home on Saturday from Guyana,South America....
    Jetlag is killing me!
  2. Everyone! I've sold my VW at last. So, as from Sunday just passed I officially do not own a Bay anymore! It's a little odd but honestly I never got the use out of it I should have gotten because of all the problems that occurred. Anyway, I've got my money back and I'm happy. I hope whoever bought my van gets all the adventures out of it I never could. Thanks again to everyone for all the help and (friendly) jokes. Maybe I'll be back one day if I ever get one again. I'd love to own one when I have children of my own because I really think kids get a lot out of these vans and can have lots of fun in them! If anyone is interested I'm now happily driving a reasonably new Ford C-Max, I'm in the process of trying to move to Northern Ireland and I am just about to start working full time in my dream job - child care for Under 5s. I'll stick around the forum as long as I'm welcome though and might say hello every now and again. Lots of great laughs to be had on TLB! :) Last but not least WoooHooo I have money again! :D:):D
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  3. Darren you will go down in TLB history!

    Good luck in your dream job, I hope one day you get your dream car as well............'Happily driving a reasonably new Ford C-Max' - because there is certainly more to life than this!
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  4. Yes, the Ford S-Max is calling my name! Lol! 7 seats... Could you ask for more?!? :D

    Thanks a lot for your kind words. Fingers crossed I have a bit more luck this year than I did last year! Looking forward to starting working in the nursery... A bit more stable a job than VW Camper Rentals!
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  5. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Did you know that that statement is no 3 on the Samaritans list of cries for help from people ringing in.
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  6. At least it isn't a Focus! :D Lol! Honestly, just glad I could afford a sensible child friendly car for my private childcare. Tried it back when I had the VW, parents asked what I drove, I said VW Bay and I honestly think they thought I was taking rubbish lol.
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  7. Glad it`s all turned out well Darren - hope the move comes off and you live the dream :thumbsup:

    Only downside being the C-max ,can`t have everything :rolleyes:

    Good luck and keep popping in ....

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  8. Well done mate good news
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  9. Thanks everyone. Glad you're all still putting up with me on here :)
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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    You are indeed a legend :) hope the move and the job (and the Ford) goes well.
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  11. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    Good luck with everything Darren :thumbsup:
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  12. hows colin, good luck with the irish move and the new job :thumbsup:
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  13. Cheers everyone! Now's probably not the best time to say my C-Max has an alternator problem lol. Although after all my VW expenses £100 for an alternator repair seems like pennies! Lol
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  14. You are a legend! You are always welcome as far as I am concerned.
    There are a few bays for sale here and there if you're interested. Go on, you know you really want one!!!
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  15. I'm sure I'll stick around. Think I'll enjoy having my investment back for a while now... Who knows... Maybe a Bay again in future but I'd never get another without a basic knowledge of their mechanics lol
  16. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Apparently the Ford C Max is the future!!

    T5, T4 so yesterday's news :)
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  17. Ford C-Max has actually proven big enough to comfortably camp out in :D I'm happy! Who needs a VW Camper?!? ;)
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  18. Thanks. :D Colin is good. Working on my car just now in fact! After being ripped off for £40 for a set of wiper blades I didn't want from our local garage number 2 and having my car sitting for over a week without being looked at at local garage number 3 I decided just to stick with Colin lol
  19. Darren you make me smile a warm smile, all the best buddy! Take care of you & yours & don't be a stranger (or you will never get any childcare work)
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  20. Well done Darren. All the best, I will always remember you as braveheart!

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