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  1. Hello everyone,

    Many of the regulars about the forum will remember me from last summer, when my thread about my VW not starting caused quite a stir! I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who offered me help to solve my problem. Things just got massively overwhealming at that point and I realised just how much there is to learn about these vehicles! Anyway to make long story short, after leaving this forum to take some time out lots went on!!! I decided to get a reconditioned 2ltr engine for my bay from Cool Air VW, after waiting a fair wee while for it to arrive, it finally got here and the Bay headed to the garage to get the new engine fitted. After that was done the van is now running beautifully, like a dream and what I always hoped for, all those problems that were appearing have been delt with and I really couldn't be happier! But after I got it home I did some big thinking and decided it was time to sell my Bay. I have big plans and a possible relocation coming up soon, which money from selling my bay will be very handy for, and I really just don't have the time to be using it and loving it as it should be loved. So, within the coming days I'll be making a for sale post - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

    Anyway, thank you all so !much again for the help last year. And I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that at last - My Bay WILL START!!! And run, and drive!!! Woohoo!!!!!

    Hope a fair few if you who remember me will say hello! Will be nice to catch up with you all :)

    Happy New Year!

    From Darren
  2. Welcome back :)
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  3. Thank you!
  4. bernjb56

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    A legend returns :chewie:
  5. Hiya Darren. Nice to see you back. Hope the bus is fine and the guitar collection still in tact!

    Happy new year matey!
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  6. Never! :eek:
    Welcome back Darren!! I thought we had seen the last of you!?
    Happy New Year!
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  7. Flakey

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    Hi Darren, happy New year, think Clive's at sea so hope you don't need Skype :D
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  8. So come on.......
    ...........tell us everything!
  9. Thanks! :) Bus is absolutely grand! Guitar collection not so much, in the process of selling prior to my relocation, keeping my favourite though! Hope you're okay yourself mate :)
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  10. All is good here.
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  11. Not too much to tell actually! Ha-ha! Although the VWs old engine was probably serviceable, I decided to get the recon one as it will (hopefully) eliminate any major problems arising in the coming years and have a good guarantee on it too! I think it helps when selling too.the VW is in storage just now, being well looked after. I am, hopefully, moving to Ireland by March so lots to do in preparation! Hoping to sell before I go for two reasons, obviously money will come in handy but also I'd like to know its in a good home and in good hands and will be loved. So yeah, lots happened but now my car is a nice new Ford C-Max and I'm contemplating getting a wee caravan for touring! Nice to be back here to catch up with you all!
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    glad you finally got the bus how you wanted it, shame you have to sell but personal/family life comes first ...you can always get another in the future if the mood takes you
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  13. Exactly my hopes. Definately in the future when I have children I'd love to be able to give them the experience of holidays away in a Classic camper like a Bay :)
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  14. Just thought I'd mention everyone - My Bay is being sold through a dealer, for many different reasons but mainly because it gave me a nice dry garage to store it in over winter and also because I had not a clue what I should be asking for it, since it had the recon engine put in and all. The dealer actually has a VW rental company and was able to help me set a good price for it. Hope it's about right, seems to be in line with everything I see which has had a recon 2ltr engine fitted!
  15. Wotcha doing with the old engine?
  16. Sadly part of the deal with Cool Air VW was I gave them my old unit when I received the new one. So its off to be reconditioned and sold off. Wasn't all bad though as made a wee bit back from them, after forking out £2500 for the new unit and almost £1000 for fitting itmwas wlecome to get £500 back!
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  17. Hi Darren...glad you saw the light and bought a reliable Ford;)...shame you've decided to pass the van on, but it sounds like a needs must. Good Luck with the forthcoming move...:thumbsup:
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  18. Now then fella!
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  19. You became a bit of a legend in your absence Darren :thumbsup:
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    Hello Darren, glad you dropped in even if only to say goodbye.:hattip:
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