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  1. It is, but it's also a lot of money!
    It's what these things cost though & Dometic have gone up against Engel and National Luna with these. Looking at the reviews they don't seem to be doing too bad. These CFX's are cheap compared to the direct competition :eek:

    Whilst we were hooked up we were able to use the old Westy absorption fridge as a dedicated beer chiller haha!;)
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  2. and now you know, for yourself, why i am always going on about just how good my fridge is!!
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  3. are you? lol:p
    all joking aside, yours was the inspiration to finally get this. We know how good a chest is over an upright but these compressor jobbies are the mutts.
  4. yep really still amazes me just hwo good they are. 1. how cold they can get and 2. how little power they use to get it cold and keep it cold. 3. chest style defo makes them even more efficient
  5. Get a room!
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  6. Me & the bro managed to get business out of the way for a reasonable time this afternoon so inspired by @grandmst 's spanking bumpers I decided to break out the cheapo tin of marine enamel I bought a few months ago & put the first coat on the bumpers & wheels.

    This first coat was just brushed on the wheels, which I'll take off & rub down for the top coat.
    On the front bumper I decided to hand paint it doing the old boating roller/tipping method. So far so good!

    Bumper off....

    ...wheels started...

    ...bumper first coat.

    I'd got some stove paint left over from a recent refurb job so decided to paint up the exhaust & heat exchangers.
    They'd been done before by a PO & when @davidoft & I did the engine thing last year all the grease etc got washed off everything. Over winter the HXr's had started to go rusty.
    The silencer is stainless & I'd have preferred not to have had to do it but it was looking scruffy. Brushed on with a 1" brush...

    Hotspot paint. Good on stoves but will it be oil & road resistant! We'll see...

    Black bling
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  7. Looks good dude :D

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  8. looking good Neil :D
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  9. Thanks guys.:thumbsup:
    It's really only a tart up coz they were quite bad. In fact even Zed commented about 18 months ago as we pulled into a TE!
    I could go the powder coat route etc. etc. but TBH I'd rather be using the bus than painting it!:)
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  10. Paint is good and plenty of it on the insides if they are a bit green!

    Been investigating rusty bits here.... then ....gave up lol! Im past caring for now but wheels look damned good!
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  11. We'll need a new front panel, or at least a filler skim in the not too distant.
    Where does it all end?
  12. I wish my bus was as "knackered" as yours! Chips a minter mate, dodgy front or not. Ironically thats the best bit of mine lol!
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  13. How did you do them?

    I'm a bit OCD in most things but I find this time of year I just want to drive the bus, not work on it.
    Therefore the paint gets slapped on & I try & not look at the bits I'm not happy with.
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  14. poor sentence construction. was referring to yours!
  15. Oh, 2 days to go...:D :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  16. Wheels done & I've finally fitted the very shiny deep sided hub caps that we got off Chip's Uncle @davidoft at last Septembers Tech Enders.

    and I've just got in from the workshop after more bumper fettling. In my quest to use up a s much stuff I've got lying around as possible I found a part tin of Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 that was crying out to be used as a primer. It dries in a hour or so & allows you to get on with the job rather than having to wait another day.

    After spraying Fertan on the rusty insides, I slapped on a coat of primer & the first coat of white. It'll still be soft for TE but hopefully won't look too nasty. I'm sort of beyond caring really, they're only bumpers!

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  17. Dammit I'll have to paint mine now

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  18. Yes you will:p
  19. Hello.
    Went to order the Nema 6-15 male and female connectors as per @busmonkey from fruitridge tools USA and they don’t supply the black male inlet plug anymore. Anyone got any ideas as to where I could get one as I’ve been trawling the USA websites with no joy. I think they don’t make it anymore as some of them simply say ‘unavailable’ on the image.

    All the best

  20. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Still thinking about it Matt :D
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