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  1. That's a real shame Paul. Maybe the answer is for a discrete euro socket under the bus and to keep the flap as decoration after all:(
  2. I think u may be right. So gutted as I knew I should have ordered at the time. Instead I waited till payday day. Bums.
    How is it all going with u?


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  3. Ha thanks for asking!
    We're just licking our metaphorical wounds in a campsite overlooking the Erg Chebbi dune field.
    Just spent 2 days effectively lost after being turned around by Moroccan military near the Algerian border.
    We've used nearly every bit of recovery kit for digging out of dunes, towing and sand ladders in soft waddi sand.
    Horrendous at the time but after a hot shower...
    ...this is the view from the back of the campsite:thumbsup:
  4. wow!
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  5. Can you get a photo of the bus with the camels in the background?

    shift the bus or the camels, whichever is easier!

    Can you also try and post a photo a week (or a day) to cheer us all please
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  6. That's amazing. What an adventure to look back on! We got towed off the mud at camber sands at Park Dean resort! Not quite the same is it?! have a superb time.

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  7. that's exactly what I thought - Neil & Mel certainly lead a life of adventure :D
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  8. Here you go bud, one from a couple of days ago...

    there are a few more on Goran Syncro's facebook profile! haha but I didn't want to offend anyone on this forum coz it's about the late bay really?
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  9. And before we go, one of us lost in the wilderness this morning.
    Pretty scary at the time because the landscape is full of dry rivers, dune fields and lunar like rocky piste.
    But very photogenic...
  10. Flakey

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    'Kin awesome , jealous as :thumbsup:
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  11. Fabulous really like this out there adventure with bays..
    Cracking please keep it coming .:):):)
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  12. Amazing. That is some adventure. Keep the photos coming :thumbsup:
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  13. My old man took his van there a couple years ago, got a local to do a hand painted mural thing on his van, but on his way back the suspension collapsed from the rough shizzle so he chopped it in for another one.
    Not that I'm suggesting the locally applied graphics caused the suspension issue.
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  14. Ere Mel..... you can see our house from up ere!
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  15. Chips out and about after a bit of a lay up whilst we had a play in Big G.
    Previously he had been exhibiting what I can only describe as an ignition pulse. Total loss of power for a split second!
    I've always been a lover of the standard set up considering the miles we've done as its all easily diagnosable in the event of an issue.
    However one thing I had changed was to delete the points and condenser and fit a pertronix 1 to the stock vac advance dissy.
    Working in the basis of not too many changes at a time for the diagnosis coupled with the fact I've got a nice workshop today, we've gone all retro 1978 again...
    Welsh workshop..

    Out he comes..

    New seal at the same time, cheap as chips from Brickwerks so I got 2 when I did Big G's..

    Back to the 70's..

    You need a gun to reset timing on the dissy and a tacho for revs via the throttle body as the Pertronix requires the dissy in a slightly different position..

    Easy to swap back if the problem persists.
    Now it's just sun, beers and chill for the next few days until the journey back to the marina. :D:beer:
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  16. Quick update.
    Just under 200 miles to Aberdaron on Thursday afternoon and we had probably half a dozen or so 'events' with the pulse thing.
    Today, Monday, we've driven back the long way with the points refitted. Probably 250 miles or so.
    No issues at all. Lots of varied driving through Snowdonia then the back roads of Shropshire finally finishing with a blast down the A50.

    Therefore I can only assume the pertronix is faulty so for now I'll stick with points until they yellow snow me off again.
    Just unlucky I guess as generally this manufacturer has a good reputation..
    @IZZYBAY , carry your spares just in case ;)
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  17. Thanks for the tip. I have just ordered all the new parts to revert back to points, shame but perhaps its the best result. Enjoy the summer.
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  18. We've missed the old bus! He's been in storage since October '19 so what with lockdown and the recent madness Mel has been dealing with on the marina, this weekend has been the first opportunity to visit. Getting reacquainted, I'd forgotten how well spec'd he is.
    Marge, Mrs Monkeys beetle, lives with him in the barn. Marge fired up on the 5th attempt once fuel had filled the empty lines from front to back and today I remembered I could give her battery a boost from Chip's hard wired ctek...
    Attached to the modified spare wheel well to allow for a larger leisure battery, the ctek has quick connect connector options...
    ...which allow normal hard connection by ring terminals to the LB for charging when hooked up...
    ...or the option to snap on crocodile clips for remote charging externally.
    The extension is long enough to reach across to the starter battery to give that a recondition when necessary :thumbsup:
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  19. It was the 4th turnover actually :p
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