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  1. Nipples out!
  2. Where did you get nipples from - are they standard size? I’m sure when I done my brakes I didn’t get replacement nipples.

    This also shows how easy it is to refurb brakes and more people should do it rather than spend £’000 on ‘refurbs’.
  3. Hi Ray. Those ones in the pic are actually for the T3:oops:, but our ATE calipers on the bay take these style..
    It's worth checking before ordering as it seems they can vary:thumbsup:
    I keep a small stash of stuff like that coz it's sods law one snaps, or the copper joining line won't undo etc etc.
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  4. Further to @Razzyh comment on bleed nipples, it's worth retaining the old genuine parts where possible. The seals off the OS caliper were mint. Older style, held on by wire circlips, but no rubber degradation.
    I'd done the NS one about 3 years ago and and put the new seals on that came in the kit at the time. They were compromised, possibly from excessive heat, and didn't look too healthy! Likewise, I recovered and cleaned up the oe nipples and they work just fine. Just gotta be careful getting them out:)
  5. Sorry to resurrect this post from six years ago but the elephant scale makes it the best post on this entire forum in my view. Genius
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  6. We've had some laughs over the years. I don't know if you were around for the classic Xmas panto thread Bob, but there were some proper witty contributions from some very bright people :D
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  7. Ah, no I’ll look it up...

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