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  1. Sounds like you could have re-used that head :p:lol:
  2. Haha, you know what Andy, I reckon it's been like it for quite a while. For at least the last 3 years the bus has made a low moaning sound for the first few minutes after start up & Davidoft & I think that was probably the mains! We've done over 10k in that time...
    Just shows how tough these things are if they're not mis-used!!!lol
  3. That's quite impressive!

    Tough old beasts when looked after!
  4. Does it start and run without your accelerator holding down device (fire extinguisher)now?

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  5. Actually yes :p
    & it sounds lovely. I see now why @PeaSoup was so keen to fit his euro silencer at TE. Is it on yet?
  6. No, not got the nice one on yet - broke my finger the day after TE and so have been out of action from doing anything useful!

    Sounds like you are all sorted now - good job :)

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  7. :(
  8. How come you've gone "Euro"?
  9. Less connections to leak. Easier to get a euro silencer

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  10. Ah right.

    Mines still in one piece (for now!).
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  11. Exactly as pkrboo says plus if you can get hold of good OG heat xchangers and the square port head (US heads have oval exhaust ports) then the heating is a zillion times better.
    Plus sq port heads have a reputation for being stronger. Win win...
  12. You can have oval heads, original exchangers x European too. Ovals have better exhaust ports (think I got that right), so it's swings and roundabouts. :)
  13. yeah it is @zedders . I'm no engine guru but it seemed an easier route in the long term. I was always a bit confused over the flange thing. Our triangular jobbies would have had to be chopped off I think to interface with the euro back box?
  14. Yeh.

    Why do Cali buses have to be so awkward?!

    I think @Robert Thomas made some US-Euro flange adaptors.
  15. Emissions drive everything!!
    Anyway it's done now.

    @davidoft has a good set of US heat exchangers, all the bendy bits plus a back box for sale now (I think) :thinking: should anyone need a spare or replacements. If for no other reason that they are vv hard to get hold of, I'd be considering buying the HX'ers & stowing them in the garage.

    What I will say is that I had no appreciation for the amount of tin required for the Cali to full Euro swap!:eek:
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  16. I'll show and tell tomorrow it's easy to do

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  17. davidoft

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    Some head info pics, a crack, also the valves seat and valve are burning away at the bottom

  18. davidoft

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    Nice valve seat regression


    Exhaust valve is lower in the seat where the seat has been worn away
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  19. davidoft

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    Here you go @theBusmonkey

    Can't work out how to get the video to play on here directly, can anyone spot the leaky valve :D
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  20. That had to be seen to be believed! Fuel poured out as quick as it was poured in haha.
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