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    I suspect points bounce is another side track, really only of note for the 8,000+ rpm peeps trying to finish 1/4 mile in 3rd. :) I guessed my gap, I just made sure it was clear of the collar a bit. :D
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  2. Well I'm certainly never going to see 8K rpm with one cylinder at 75 psi lol.
    So I guess it'll all be staying as it is...
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    Just guessing. I'm a natural cynic. :)
  4. Electronic ignition has transformed the bus. More power, better fuel consumption & runs cooler. I guess the points were a bit out, or as I suspected the cam on the distributor is tired.

    So, we're treating him to a freshly upholstered set of front seats. Dropped off at the trimmers this morning, ready next Thursday yay!:thumbsup:
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  5. That's quick for upholstery!! Glad the elec ignition is working so well, i haven't touched mine since I installed it, checked timing the other day and it's still bang on.
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  6. It's been booked since Stanford Hall! We've been cheeky & brought it forward a couple of weeks coz Mrs Monkey's delicate bottom can no longer cope with the saggy springs:eek:
    Door cards next month!
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  7. I know I said I'd wait until TE do do the rear shoe adjustments but as the MOT is next weekend & the handbrake lever is out a few more clicks than I'd like I decided to do the job today.

    Both rear wheels up in the air & drums off to have a quick check all was well before I tackled the stars.
    Both cylinders OK, but it was a good job I went in from the front first as one of the star adjusters was seized solid. That would have been a real PITA trying to turn from the rear. It's so much easier freeing & cleaning the adjusters if you take a bit of time to remove the drum first. :thumbsup:

    Wound all 4 in & effectively started as if new shoes had gone in.

    All good, & handbrake now engaged on 7 clicks :D
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  8. I much prefer adjusting from the front and getting the drum on tightly, then just a click or two more :)
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  9. Whatever works for you:thumbsup:
    I will say though I had Mrs Monkey sat in the (seatless) front pressing the brake pedal after ever 3 or so clicks on both adjusters so the shoes centred.
    It's quite interesting that you can feel interference on the drum after a few clicks but once the shoes have been centred they free up. That seems to me to be a more accurate way of ensuring both shoes have the same contact on the drum...
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    Spinning the wheel back and forth while you do it will centre the shoes fine. :)
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  11. Tried that but I couldn't get them to do it. ie the shoes still rubbed until the brakes were depressed:(
    So got fed up crawling in & out from under the bus so pressed the boss into action. That was easier than spinning the wheel;)
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  12. Oh & by the way @zedders , the upside down slider seal that you & @davidoft found so offensive in April has also been sorted!
    ...and without taking the door off. You were winding me up weren't you lol.

    Cheers guys, there's no gap at the top now & it looks the biz. Just as it should I guess with a very pleasing little flap down the back edge that tucks in nicely when the door shuts. ooooeeeerrrr:thumbsup:
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    I'll check you've done it right at Techenders. :D
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  14. Its different to mine and mines right! You sure?
  15. :eek:
  16. Had a txt this morning to say they're ready so picking them up from Kens tonight! Great service...
    Very excited, & will stick some pics up later :D
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  17. Yay! Seats done!
    I get they're not to everyone's taste but we're absolutely delighted.
    Keith from Ken's Customs had saved material from when he did the R&R bed 2 years ago in anticipation of us getting our act together for him to do the fronts.

    I collected them this evening, I hope you like the results...

    Just out of the van, first proper look

    Map pocket on the passenger swivel

    The attention to detail satisfies even my OCD. Keith has made covers for the headrests that look OG. They were previously sprayed with grey paint!
    (spots are on the camera lens)

    Driver's in situ...

    ...and the navigator's

    Door cards next month but for now he's going camping this weekend & calling in for his MOT on Saturday morning.:thumbsup:
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  18. I like em. Look quite familiar really. Would look good in mine. I see weve got big pockets on the backrest (its the future)
  19. Thankyou!
    haha, that's because we lack imagination & they're very similar to the previous ones.:rolleyes:

    Except the springs that were broken have been welded & the pieces of manky carpet that were stuffed into various voids have been replaced with proper packing.

    The previous 'trimmer' had simply covered the old Westy blue plaid with new covers leaving 30 year old seats in a state of disrepair. They cut the beading off first, so there was some thought I guess. However they have last over 30k miles with us.

    Mrs Monkey specified the pocket, we'll see if it stands the test of camping but we're careful so it should.

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