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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by its ted, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. What can I say !!!
    You see an ad in the late bay classified, you like what's advertised, the member says it's yours, you pay via pay pal, the vendor ignores any messages and the administrators are asked for their involvement only for them to say there is not much they can do to help !!!
    Beware do not buy via a late bay advertiser unless they have a proven track record ( oh and that's not always a guarantee but that may be another post !!) or you can collect and pay on collection as it would appear some people on here are not as they seem, no change with society here then (sadly)
  2. Name and shame.
    Otherwise your post means nothing.
  3. It's happened to you too has it? :(
    I will only do it if they are local and I can go round with the cash in future !
  4. Moons

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    You knows it.
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  5. I cant say I agree, I have bought, sold and swapped with loads of different TLB members on here, and its always worked out very well for me..
    Made quite a few good friends out of it too.
  6. If I've got the right thread, you are not the only one waiting for parts from the guy.

    Hope you manage to get them soon.
  7. I'm pleased you have had no problems. You are lucky. I'm still waiting for a reply to my pm's regarding whether the item has been posted, a month after I made payment. Even if it was believed lost in the postal system a reply would at least be polite. :(
  8. He'll probably get in touch soon, things happen sometimes don't they :thumbsup:
  9. Same here and I send stuff off without checking it's been paid for as well. Never had a problem buying stuff either. But I wouldn't buy off someone who only ever posted sale ads and didn't join in the rest unless they were a sponsor I recognised the name of.

    Name the ripper, so others can avoid please, there are barstwards like this regularly doing the rounds of car forums.
  10. Nice attitude but a month and no contact at all? I admit I'm sometimes quite tardy sending stuff, but I do at least keep talking.
  11. Which is why I am being patient - but there is a limit to how far that will stretch. I will post details soon if I don't hear anything back, but in the interests of fairness I am prepared to wait a short while longer.
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  12. Might be ill or been banged up for a bit, you never know, he might of sent it and thought the jobs all done and not been on here to realise yet :)

    Might also just be a cock ;)
  13. Just post, if he's genuine he can defend himself publicly. Click on his avatar and you'll see when last logged in. If was since you've been trying to contact, it's fair to assume he's ignoring you.
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  14. Has been online since I've pm'd twice but not been on line for last 9 days.
  15. And his name is..........
  16. @guybay1 ? :thinking:
  17. If it was he looks genuine from his other posts on here.
  18. Yeah that's what I mean, you never know, he was having a bit of bother I think because he was asking what his van was worth, unable to finish due to something or other
  19. Still if you can manage to take someones cash, you can manage to send the goods.
  20. no
    and the same could be said for my vendor who is a huge poster and respected long time member /sponsor on here which is why I am waiting a little longer for a reply before posting their identity. I'm just disappointed that my messages have gone unanswered at present.
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