Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. the issue is also that it is semi intermittent.

    I've done 100 trouble free miles since the last time it did this, then all of a sudden it started again.

    I need it to do it on a test drive so i can pull over and fit my spare new accuspark unit to see if that gets rid of the juddering :(
  2. fit the new accusparl now and see if it judders, if it does then it isn't the accuspark causing it. waiting for it to happen again is just prolonging it.
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  3. yes but the issue could be i replace it and then it drives fine for a bit then starts going again it could be the new accuspark going again....
  4. ok i see, so fit points and see if it still does it. if you dont trust the accuspark change it to back to points and see from there, no point using the spare accuspark if you dont trust it
  5. try it with points as they are cheap if it sorts the problem and you still want electronic ignition go with pertronix
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  6. I don't get you, lots of good advice by intelligent people in the know and you choose to ignore it. From what I can see you've changed nothing and still drive your van and complain when it breaks down again.
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  7. I have had coils go bad, one new Mexico Bosch was Ok and the Brazilian Bosch I had before that started misfiring.
    An even older coil started flashing over and causing misfires.
    Also had centre lead drop out on a bump with the older coil..

    I have also had an Accuspark get twitchy on starting then act as a junk rev limiter as I decelerated from 65mph..Binned it got another one and all is OK for now.

    I have also simply had a bad connection to the coil positive cause a complete failure at exactly the same time as another fault (loose rocker shaft) caused a loss of power . Fixed rocker arm but then it had no spark.
    Corroded and loose connection on coil.
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  8. thank you for your useful input.

    whilst there may well be some good advice on here i can tell you I'm not choosing to ignore any of it.

    i have to assess all of the advise given to me from as many sources as possible, be it on here, other places online, or from well respected local air cooled mechanics, who may well be a dinosaur as above, has a Marmite ton of experience on air cooled motors as thats what he specialises in, so to ignore that advice and straight away and take the advise of someone I've never met online as gospel would be even more stupid.

    as i have no experience in fitting a new distributor, or timing, or points, I'm going into the unknown as such, and seeing as the accuspark unit I've had fitted has been on the bus since I've had it 5+ years I'm a bit reluctant to blow £90 on a petronix unit if it may not even be the new accuspark unit at fault.

    I have already replaced the accuspark unit once, when i first posted up the thread, and now I'm having issues again with the new unit , so what you can see is possibly wrong.
  9. i had a proper bosch blue coil fitted, as recommended on the ratwell page when i put my rebuild engine back together, and when the accuspark unit died i bought a new coil the same incase it was that that caused the failure, so i now have 2 bosch blue coils which seem to both be ok :)

    i emailed accuspark and there response was it sounds like the module is getting hot, with no further advise or explanation, so I've emailed back asking why, as the thermal paste was applied and it was fitted as per the instructions, but no response yet.
  10. i may order a petronix unit today and fit that and try and get some miles in this weekend without the family in tow.

    i have a spare accuspark unit in the back, but I'm a bit reluctant to use it as i have lost a faith in the product really.
    I may order a set of beru points to keep in the bus, but i guess id need to carry and learn how to use a timing gun aswell :)

    i emailed accuspark and there response was it sounds like the module is getting hot, with no further advise or explanation, so I've emailed back asking why, as the thermal paste was applied and it was fitted as per the instructions, but no response yet.
  11. @pkrboo hank you for your advise also mate :cool:
  12. not that i know of, otehr suppliers might sell it though like cool air, C & C or even vw heritage
  13. Sounds like you have been very unlucky with your accuspark. They are generally good and many people run them. Keep on at Accuspark and go for a refund if you are going to et a Petronix. Be VERY careful when setting up your petronix as just one application of current with the wires the wrong way round will fry your petronix, unless you go for the one that is polarity protected. Check out the difference in price and try not to say Pirates.
  14. Chuck some points in, an hour at the outside and cheap. You will then be able to decide if the module is naff
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  15. module is gone, just got back from holiday and moved the bus from the front of the house and it stripped to start and is missing all over the place. fitted the new one I had as a spare and its fine.

    accuspark have offered an foc replacement although I have asked for a refund.

    would a petronix go straight in with out adjusting the timing?
  16. still need to set the timing as you will be messing with the dizzy. easy ten minute job though
  17. could you recommend a timing gun for me?

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