Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. not sure what you were saying here pal? :)
  2. just got to get me, the mrs and 2 kids down the west coast of spain and back :eek:

    need to go on a few confidence boosting rides over the next week i think :)
  3. not sure whether to carry a spare pertronix ignitor one, or a set of points and a timing gun?
  4. Either is fine. Your Petronix should last for many years.
  5. Fill it up, drive it for 200 miles, fill it up and do the maths for MPG or
  6. That's about as useful as most of my contributions :)

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  7. hoping so pal :)
  8. Money well spent then?

    Sounds like your happier.

    When you off to Spain? you getting the ferry to northern Spain or to France? 19th we get ferry to Santander and then spend two weeks getting to Caen for the ferry home.
  9. yes mate, a lot happier, just got to try and stop waiting or listening out for issues when driving and get some confidence back.

    we are off to france mate, plymouth to roscoff, then down to royal for 4 days, then to biscarosse for 10 days :)
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