Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. malpassi petrol king is here, ready to fit.

    was thinking of fitting the bracket to the child bracket, and having on top of the cooling fan shroud, vertically, would this be ok?
  2. Not sure if it'll work vertically, with engine vibes - it probably will, tho'

    I mounted my FilterKing under the spare wheel well - will post a pic later if I remember.
  3. not so its in and out top and bottom, but so its horizontal, but when your looking in the engine bay you would be looking at the adjuster nut, so its flat :p
  4. a malpassi 6s.jpg
  5. I don't think so - its designed to be mounted with the top horizontal. Mine is mounted on the firewall - I bent the end of the supplied bracket by 90 degrees and screwed it to the firewall (using little screws to avoid punching into the fuel tank!!) Final position is very similar to @snotty 's.

    The fitting instructions also state to keep it away from engine vibrations (!) - suggests body mounted rather than fan housing to me.
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  6. the instructions I have here are badly translated but mention nothing to do with the orientation or vibrations hence the query!
    will look for an alternative mounting location :thumbsup:
  7. Mine used to be mounted under the spare wheel.

    Now it's in the middle of the engine area, after I had my fuel pipes redone with ethanol proof stuff. Moved there by someone who had previously told me not to mount it there!

    I should move it back to where it was I suppose
  8. ok, fitted, relocated to be mounted on the side of the spare wheel well, I bent the bracket to suit.

    tee'd in my fuel pressure do da, and set the screw to 3 psi, seems to be idling a bit nicer, but the test will be the drive out over the weekend :)
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  9. :thumbsup:
  10. I can't be fecked mate, been a long day at work, just got the regulator fitted in the rain, I just want a shower and a sleep :)
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  11. out for 50 miles tonight, up through the gears great, drives along without the lumpiness now, apart from at 35-40 mph ish in 3rd, but as soon as you go up to 4th its fine. now goes at 60 mph causing lovely.

    rolling road next weekend, hopefully the can iron out that issue.

    maybe down to jetting?

    standard 1600 with standard exhaust running 34 ICTs with

    air correctors 165
    idle jets 55
    main jets 135
    emulsions F6
    needle valves 150

    fuel pressure now at 3psi
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  12. I have been away. Glad to hear you are running better. Also glad to see you re mounted the regulator.

    They may boost the mains to 140's everything else should be fine. Let us know how the RR session goes.
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  13. RR today, biggest issue was the linkage, which he took some time to set up properly, as they were still out of balance, and not returning correctly.
    once that was sorted he went through the mixtures, and the right hand carb was running half the fuel that the other one was running?
    he said that during cruising speeds only one of the carbs would have been running properly, which would explain the really cold right hand (driver side) carb.
    he then proceeded to RR test, and played with the timing a bit, and ended up changing the idle jets to 60s to even out the running throughout the rev range, kept the 135s, although he said if he was setting up from new he may have put in 140 mains and 57.5 idles.
    now runs sweet, 35-40mph hesitation has gone now, which he said he noticed through the RR and through the pedal.
    first run 39.2 BHP, after setting the linkage and timing and changing the idle jets 46.8 BHP
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  14. Great to hear that you have it running properly now. Relax, enjoy the ride. 46.8 at the wheels is not bad.
    Bring on the summer.
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