Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Cant do any harm. As you say its cheaper than an hour's labour and you might need one anyway. Please excuse if you know this but.. the regulator just limits the max pressure. You can do it yourself. My pressure gauge was about a tenner off ebay.

    Do any of the Newquay Latebayers have a gauge they can lend out?????
  2. Checking the fuel pressure should take about 15 minutes.
  3. yes, will buy a gauge i think :)
  4. Have you thought about getting it on a rolling road and setup correctly? Clearly your mate the mechanic isn't doing a great job otherwise you still wouldn't be asking us plebs. Also I note a page or so back issues with loose nuts and loose screws, sounds like your 'old skool' mechanic is getting forgetful. Also didn't someone earlier on say to bin those metal gaskets....
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  5. I fitted the carbs myself, with fibre gaskets and what not as advised mate, my mate just set the linkage for me so the carbs where both going at the same time and ensured they were balanced. whilst he had it he noted there was an air leak on the left hand side, between the manifold and cylinder head, so replaced the fibre gasket with a metal one with sealant.

    the right hand one was causing an issue recently, the nuts came loose thats on my watch, and I changed the fibre one on the right hand side for a metal one as advised, he told me the fibre ones are good for a bit, but due to thermal expansion they do not keep the nuts torqued and cause a leak in the future, hence why VW kept using the metal ones and not fibre ones.

    so the metal gaskets have cured some issues, but not all.
  6. maybe after checking fuel pressure that should be my next move.
    there is no one local here that rolling roads classics though.
    closest one is 60 miles away and I work through the week!
  7. I took an afternoon off and drove about the same distance. Never looked back. Worth every penny.
  8. Isn't evil Ben's place down in Cornwall?

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  9. booked in for rolling road setup 29th :)

    yes mate but no rolling road
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  10. 5 psi at adle and climbs a little when revved so I guess a pressure regulator is in order?

    if so which one to go for as above?

    and would that explain the lumpiness and carb coldness?
  11. Is your van a stock set up or something more tasty....mine is a 2L with stock carbs and wondering if taking it to a rolling road would be beneficial?
  12. You defo need a regulator
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  13. 2056 good as standard. Recent rebuild. Single Weber twin choke carb
  14. malpassi FPR ordered, will see how I get on.

    would that explain the lumpiness?

    I take it the over fueling would be pushing past the floats?
  15. The malpassi's good. Any overpressure will push past the float valves and likely go straight down the carb barrels, so you'd be running rich.
  16. Good choice on the Malpassi.

    Snotty speaks the words of wisdom.
  17. would that cause the lumpiness and the carb being really cold?
  18. A very rich mixture would cause lumpy running (like driving with the choke on full), but not a cold carb, I'd think.
  19. still confused on the cold carb then :(

    would be the fact that ignition would be poor?
  20. Either that side's not getting fuel, or it's not getting sparks, I'd think.
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