Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. The accuspark should be fine. I have run mine for 000's of miles now. It only takes a loose connection somewhere or a small fuel blockage. I would just drive it. Keep the points and condenser in your spares kit, with a timing light so that you can get back on the road on no time.
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  2. defanly change cap and rotor mine wouldn't even run with the rubbish that came on mine now she pulls like train
  3. This get BERU ones. They are top.
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  4. yep thats what i got and she now runs sweet :thumbsup:
  5. so guys, update.

    been driving fine recently. been starting up on the button, driving around ok.

    loaded up this morning for a long weekend away and got 10 miles in and the noticed a slight miss, which then turned into the same jumping as before. got it home and stuck the stuff in the work t5 and left it on the drive.

    please help with any advice if possible.

    @snotty @earlylatebay @davidoft and anyone else please before i lose my rag
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  6. what did you buy? currently running a 009 with the accuspark, not sure if thats my issue...
  7. Fit a SVDA distributor, it will never run well with a 009 unless the mixture is rich. I’ve never had a problem with an Accuspark but if you want to spend more buy a Pertronix or better a 123 for even more pennies. Just ditch the 009.
  8. This ^^^
  9. the guy that built my engine has told me to fit points, and launch the accuspark into the hedge
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  10. They are cheap Chinese rubbish ........genuine SVDA with points or pertronix
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  11. ^this, I'm afraid. You want reliability not flakiness. You may save a few quid on Chinese stuff, but you're not saving anything once you add in the hassle. I wouldn't touch Accuspark kit with a bargepole.
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  12. Using accuspark in a proper svda no problems so far.....
    Time will tell.
  13. may go for an soda petronix unit then
  14. davidoft

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  15. newquay in cornwall pal :)
  16. the chap that rebuilt my engine who is well respected locally as the go to guy has recommended for a standard 1600 to use a 009 and points.
    he is very knowledgable and dispises electronic ignition!
  17. he' s a dinosaur and needs to get with the times
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  18. a very knowledgeable dinosaur though.

    im not sure if i can get past this.

    does it sound like ignition related to you? as i am at my wits end, and supposed to be toking my family down the west coast of france in 6 weeks
  19. cheapest and quickest option is to fit some old skool points and see what happens
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