Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

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  2. £10 cheaper direct on there website :thumbsup:
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  3. accuspark have said that they will only replace the module after 30 days not refund.

    the issue is that the module has overheated, and that the module usually operates at the top end of tollerance, but it is normally ok, but in this case has failed.
    they also said that the accuspark module is the same as the Pertronix one, and when questioned if it is the same but re-labelled they said they use the same components which they cannot divulge as it is confidential and they both do the same job, to which I replied a rover 100 and an Audi R8 both do the same job, but are not the same product.

    she told me the accuspark modules are normally reliable, as I experienced before with the last one going for 5 plus years.

    so I have a replacement accuspark on the way free of charge, a pertronix one on the way from VWH, and a timing gun on the way, so what should I fit? I also have a second accuspark I ordered as a spare when I ordered the one that failed.
  4. Fit Pertronix, keep Accuspark in glove box. Your engine isnt getting overly hot is it and killing it ?? Just thinking out loud !!
  5. not according to my temp gauge, sits at 90 then 100 degrees c max, oil pressure good, the only difference recently is I've fitted twin carbs and didn't blank the hole for the air box feed from above the exhaust?
  6. THis is good advice. Take care wiring up the Petronix. It only takes one time with the red and black the wrong way round and its fried. Both should be fine. I keep the spare dizzy in the spares box with my timing light.
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  7. Ok just a thought :)
  8. also bought a beru dizzy cap and rotor arm to get rid of the cheap ones on there :)
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  9. Ask him to explain why VW didn’t fit a 009 distributor to any engine. And just out of interest does he recommend SAE 30 oil?
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  10. yes sae 30 is his choice :)

    trust me he is a good mechanic who knows his onions on air-cooled and vw in general :)
  11. You will probably get a bit of a flat spot on acceleration with the 009 with a bus. Its normal with an 009. It will hesitate before accelerating from low revs. The vac advance gets rid of it.
  12. I didn't realise the poor history of these before I purchased a couple of years ago. The Consistancy of the Accuspark is a little hit and miss it seems. I thought 'great, no more mucking about with points', but it gave up the ghost before it even had 6 hrs running. Not throwing good money after bad, so Needless to say, new points and condenser have gone back in. If there's any doubt it won't perform, then I don't want to in my ignition system.
  13. Sorry, but if he recommends 009 distributors, points and SAE 30 oil he’s not taking advantage of technical advancements that can be successfully retrofitted to improve reliability. He’s not a mechanic I would use but if you want to follow his advice that’s fine, it will work, just not as well as it could.

    I would be interested to hear his explanation as to why VW didn’t fit a 009 distributor.
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  14. I'd agree a Petronix was one of the best upgrades I made to my old air-cooled engine.
  15. on the 'points' point, my old school vw mechanic always says you can always get home with a set of points!
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  16. pertronix unit fitted, timing adjusted to 30 degrees btdc and all seems to be idling fine.
    out for a drive tomorrow :)
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  17. ok so after fitting the pertronix module and resetting the timing as above i went out for 110 miles tonight without a hitch.
    pulls lovely, and powerful in all gears, but when i have my foot just on the throttle so just above idle when cruising along in 3rd for example it feels a little lumpy. floor it and it fine, or accelerating of any sort its fine, but cruising along it doesn't feel 100%.
    any ideas? or could it be down to not having my 34icts on a rolling road for setup?
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  18. Try it with a vac advance distributor ;) You're almost there.

    There's no reason to have a 009, despite what your bloke says.
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  19. Dubs

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    It could well be carb related. Sounds like either the idle jets could go up a size, or if the carbs are not perfectly balanced it will give similar symptoms.

    Edit .. Good point about the 009 by Snotty. If its at low revs then the advance wont have kicked in... fit a vac dissy if you have one and see if the problem goes.
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