Broke Down Today, Ignition Problem, Accuspark Potential Cause

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by chrisselby, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. I must eat my words again. The module was fine, the rotor arm had burnt out! Not had that before, now a wiser person......hopefully
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  2. I think my coil is on the way out, and thats what killed my original accuspark, ordered a new bosch blue to eliminate some issues.
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  3. continuing on from where we left off.

    1 month in and I'm having issues.

    new 34 ICTs fitted, i had the timing checked and adjusted, the tappets done, and the chappy adjusted the linkage for me an checked over the carb install for me.

    today we went for a blast, all going well for a couple of miles until i start to notice a slight judder, shook it off, it kept on juddering, so i tried to find out what may be causing it, and it seemed to be when cruising, foot to the floor was all good, but 30 mph in 3rd was jumpy, and 55 in 4th was jumpy aswell.

    I continued and when we got onto the dual carriage way things carried on, every now and again id get a jump like a misfire, but a quick boot and all good for a little.

    we came of the dual carriage way, changed down, slowed, stopped, back fire, dead :(

    had a quick look in the engine bay, nothing loose, nothing off, so went and started it up and it went ok, then i slowly crawled to the nearest carpark, and there it sat idling fine.

    we carried on, upon leaving the car park we had a large pop and then no further issues for the rest of the day, or the long drive home.

    any ideas anyone?
  4. Sounds like a blockage in the idle circuit. It maybe that you have blasted it through. The carbs do most of their running on the idle circuit. (through the idle jets) The main jets come in when you put your foot down. If you are lucky, you will have run it through. It only takes a tiny bit of dirt. Have you timed it to 30 degrees at 3000 rpm?

    When it "died" did the engine turn over ok on the starter? Just checking.
  5. yes mate started as normal.

    i didn't set the timing, the chap that rebuilt my engine did, but will check what it was set to.

    009 distributor with accuspark, that should be 30 degrees at 3000 rpm?

    does the idle mixture screw have any bearing on the running of the carbs when in motion at cruising speeds?
  6. The mixture screw does exactly that. It balances the fuel/air mixture. It wont have any effect on the running at different speeds as long as it is set correctly. The best way to set it is with a CO meter. however, They are set as you set up the carbs. 30 degrees at 3000 rpm is good for a 009. I think its 28 to 32 degrees but more advance means hotter so 30 degrees is good.

    See how it goes. It may run fine now and you might have just blown through a small blockage. If it does it again, check all the connections on the coil. Check the plug leads are tight and the caps are on well. Make sure the + and - on the coil are a good snug fit and cant shake loose.
  7. BTW was it really hot when it began to misfire? Coils don't like getting hot.
  8. yes it has been scorching here, but, it was stuttering after my engine builder had it, so not sure if thats linked ...
  9. would you suggest going back to a set of points and a condenser?
  10. If you are OK setting up the timing on points and condenser it will eliminate any issues with your electronic ignition. But Electronic ignition does not usually intermittently fail. It just fails. Worth a try to make sure though.

    I would get BERU points and condensor though. GSF sell them. Make sure you get the correct condenser for the 009.
  11. Simple loose wire on the coil can do exactly this..
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  13. All sounds very familiar, will be so p'd off it this has whats cost me so much money and holidays.
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  14. dont fit cheap, fit pertronix, 7 years of trouble free no points motoring on mine
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  15. Bit like my engine!
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  16. went out tonight minus the mrs and kids incase it did die, and 60 miles later still purring away.

    no jumping, spluttering, just nice driving on the new carbs which sound great under load.

    not sure what to do, carry on with the accuspark as fitted, and keep carrying a spare as i am, fit a new set of points, or fit a pertronix unit?
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  17. It's worth buying a timing gun.
    If you are doing serious faffing with the engine then it's easy to leave the ignition on and half cook the accuspark. That's the trouble, if they fully cooked it'd be easy, so half cooked you are off down the dusty intermittent fault route to darndom.

    Using a set of points to get the engine nearly setup allows you to find out if it's the coil etc and then when you know it's running well and you've taken all the guesswork out of it, change over to accuspark - shouldn't take long to do finally setup as you'll be well versed by then.
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