Breakdown at last yay

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. no surprise, new coil has made no difference, rac on way again.

    any ideas from you mechanic types? a valve gone walkies or a piston had a hissy fit?

    time to make use of the onward travel bit of the rac I hope, then get recovered home
  2. davidoft

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    It needs proper fixing now, take the heads off and see what's busted, top end rebuild isn't to tricky, I may have a 2ltr fuel injected engine for sale shortly ;)
  3. Been confirmed that cylinder 1 also now has zero compression, so yes we got here on 2 cylinders. Tried to check Cylinder 3 but the guy couldn't move the plug, maybe overheated and welded itself in?

    Anyway van is being picked up tomorrow to be sent home, we get a free hire car for rest of holiday and to drive home.
  4. will pull the engine once home and see whats what, could maybe be bodged up but it has loads of end float aswell etc etc. I reckon a lot of it could turn out to be scrap.

    We'll have a think about the options, Scooby is a definite possibility
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  5. is it complete with exhaust, tinware blah blah blah?
    how much?
  6. davidoft

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    Turn key, ecu relays fuel pump etc x
  7. If he's not telling you the price @volkswombat , we obviously can't afford it! ;) Thought we'd agreed to spend the kids savings on a fancy pants Scooby? :thumbsup:
  8. itll be cheaper than a scooby engine conversion
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  9. davidoft

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    Waaaaaayyyyy cheaper :D
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  10. davidoft

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    I'm doing special rates cos you 2 is special xx
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  11. You're so sweet Mr Oft! We loves you xx :)
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  12. Van containing lots of our possessions and all our bikes has just disappeared into distance on the back of the rac truck.
    I noticed where he'd attached his winch cable as he was he was leaving.
    So I'll be checking over the front suspension when I get home.
    Could be going on 5 or 6 trucks so plenty of scope for one of them to break something.
  13. they tend to put winch cables onto the lower arms with big hooks as it is less likely to break anything unlike if they use a front towing eye
  14. bernjb56

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    Ours came home from Marlborough via Basingstoke and Brighton. Not a very direct route.
  15. RAC sometimes take them direct !
  16. The broken van is going to be even more broken ... repairing that over the next few months will keep you busy. Who's going to do your scooby conversion?
  17. Was he an ex taxi driver?
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  18. My vans already home!
    (more or less)
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  19. davidoft

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    I don't see it outside
  20. outside what

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