Breakdown at last yay

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  1. Near tramway museum Derbyshire, cut out coming to a junction and won't restart. Turns over, feels like it's just about to fire but then back to just turning over .
    Engine very hot, even dissy body is burny
    Rac on way but is there something obvious to look for?

    Maybe time to go home !
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  2. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

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  3. Fuel, air, spark.

    Hope you get it sorted! :)
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  4. Only done 90 mile since last fill up, so petrol should be good.
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  5. Are wearing clean under crackers?
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  6. No we've been at Lyndon top so no showers, we're filthy
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  7. have you got hot start relay , are you on way home if so cheap ride , if not let it cool down see what happens , good luck hope rac man knows what hes doin :D
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  8. nice their go back :D
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  9. Rac man reckons it's points, typical I forgot a spare set.
    Getting recovery trucked to campsite at hayfield, then I'll get some and see if can sort it
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  10. got any abrasive paper ? give um a rub .
  11. I use Mrs Cunny's sandpaper nail files - just the right size and shape to clean points.
    The last time mine broke down like that - the RAC bloke spoke on the phone half an hour after calling them - he said just put gas pedal to floor and turn the engine and away it went - heat had vaporised fuel in carb - choke was flooding engine.
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  12. Say where you are quick someone could get some in post 1st class to camp site. I cant, I dont have a set.
  13. try this^^
  14. Don't forget if rotor arm is coked then you probably need to do the inside of the dizzy cap too.
  15. Think he said the points had failed rather than out of adjustment or dirty., That sound right?

    Should I be worried that the dissy body was burny hot? That may of caused points to fail ?
  16. It was bound to happen ...

    At least it is summer....:D

    Try turning the fuel tap "on"...:hattip:
  17. assume you are running on four now o_O edit was
  18. wheres Hayfield?
  19. Running on none now
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