Breakdown at last yay

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Just check that the distributor shaft is not wobbly from side to side as that can do strange things to timing and points gaps. They can wear out. They can be re-bushed.
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    If you break down near Chester on the way to wales give me a shout
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  3. That is why , I have never had breakdown cover...:hattip:
  4. Yeah but I got a free lift and saved some petrol !
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  5. I wish! Not as many as I would have liked! Dont have a PQ of this area on my GPS as we weren't originally planning on coming here & my phone is next to useless! I will muddle along though... Would be rude not to, having travelled all this way... ;)
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  6. Have you sorted your fuel problem?

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  7. doesn't seem as bad at Mo, there is evidence of some slight seepage ie it looks wet but it doesn't actually drip ( from spindle bushes
  8. Have you spoken to your GP about this? Probably just an ageing thing.
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  9. You still here then? :D Back to other thread, I have to hand it to Flynn (spelling), he made a valiant and concerted effort to wind me up this evening, while staying amusing and likeable, he's pretty good! Focussed on the job, always looking for another angle of attack, clever lad...I think...he's a boy!
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  10. Aye we walked round village exploring for a while. for a while.
    Now roofy has had to remove him from van as getting stupid at bedtimeand :rolleyes: spoilt what had been good day.

    But , hmm, oh dear, , what was he doing to you then?
  11. Just giddy bedtime hijinks... All quiet on the western front now. He told me about your dentist who was a baddie @zedders :eek:!!! Sweet dreams :)
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  12. Just chatting, nothing remotely out of order, he's a polite young man. You can see his brain going round as one atempt to slightly poke after another was thought up, bit he grins at the same time, a great game, he loves it! He reminds me of my eldest 20 years ago. Kids are so much more fun if you're not the one who has to prod them through the mundane bits. I think I might enjoy being a grandparent. :)
  13. I enjoyed pointing out that if he pushed his luck I'd just shut the door. :)
    Ah, well tis true. :( A man made rich on nhs claimed filling charges, absconded abroad.
  14. Chin up dude
    Nothing is forever and kids don't come with a manual
    They change we adapt
    Us and our kids sort of evolve together
    Mine have and still do at times put me on the edge of a mental breakdown
    Then at a point they say or do something that melts your heart or makes you so proud and it's well worth the rough times

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  15. Made it to Wales without breakdown .

    Hanging loose in Bala yesterday and by chance, saw @1973daisey passing through leading his 67 convoy.
    Weathers welsh (pish) Internet's welsh (.....
  16. Oh no way I was leading em in Wales correct were did u see us all
    We're now in Penrith way north

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  17. You were at a crossroads in Bala, you would of just came past the lake.
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  18. Got round Wales , got to Southport for an overnight. Today Southport to lake district.
    Something drastically wrong. Still goes but severe lack of power, sounds worse than before.

    Is it possible for these bad boys to run on 2 cylinders?

    Anyone like to speculate on how many more miles we can do before it self destructs? :D
  19. 3.
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    3 and a bit

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