Breakdown at last yay

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  1. Suppression resistor in rotor arm gets warm, Poor contact with the centre king lead pin, or indeed they may run hot as there is a mismatch with the coil. High output coil could cause resistor to overheat. Plus theres a high voltage spark jumping around in there.
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  2. Serves you right, going to a pub and ordering a coffee lol
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  3. Could have told you that :lol:
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  4. Here's pic of points @zedders

    Rac man said they would spark on one side but not the other, must of meant live side and earth side ? He tried to shoew me but hard to get 2 bodies in there.

    Off to Schofield's in a bit to get a set, anything else I should get ?
    Condenser? He was happy with dis cap and rotor

  5. Yep I know points wire is off, took off for photey !
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  6. i think Rac man was out of his depth
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  7. If the engine has overheated and cooked itself would it still turn over and or try to fire ?
  8. i would first check for spark.
    You can use a strobe if you have one or take a plug out or use a spare plug
    put it on a lead one at a time resting the plug on the engine (Do Not hold it with your hand) get someone to turn the engine over on the key while looking for a spark at the plug.

    If you have a spark

    take one of the plugs out after turning the engine over a few times and see if it covered in petrol
  9. He tested for spark said it was good, but I'll check again
  10. I'd try re-setting the points gap.
  11. if your getting a good spark on each lead/spark-plug unless the timing has slipped the electrics are fine
  12. Checked each plug, they're all a nice colour on the electrode bit, and they all spark, but I'd say the sparks are pretty feeble, meant to be a big fat crack of a spark isn't it?

    I cleaned and reset the points yesterday.
  13. Could be a failing coil or condenser if the spark is weak.

    Clean up any carbon tracks inside the dissy cap too - they can reduce the spark efficiency.
  14. davidoft

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    The last lobes look not very pronounced, check your points gap on all 4 corners
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  15. Wooha I'm running again .

    Points my arse Mr rac man

    Little nut on the accelerator pump arm (on carb) had loosened , so arm wasn't moving, so no fuel pumping into carb
  16. Good work! :)

    That dissy does look very worn (though it could be the angle). Could well explain why it's running on 3.
  17. Let's see if it makes it to Wales next week , that's the next stop :easter:
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  18. Good work! :thumbsup:

    And hats off to the RAC man for being so close to the real problem:eek:!!
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  19. If you are getting spark it must be a fuel problem, check all the connection on the carbs.

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