Breakdown at last yay

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. He was on 3 when he left! Maybe its fixed itself:)
  2. So pessimistic !
  3. bernjb56

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    Gives you something to aim for :hattip:
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  4. I'm always an optimist so I reckon at least 10 more miles:thumbsup:
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  5. Is it possible they can run on 2 cylinders?
  6. Flakey

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    Take 2 leads off and try it , do one each side though :eek:
  7. Yeah was going to try that in the morning, thought I'd give it a rest today after it got us here miraculously !
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  8. Flakey

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    Keep an eye for fuel in the oil if it's missing that badly
  9. Pah I laugh in the face of fuel in the oil !

    If it starts, it goes down the road! I'm a one man engine wrecker!
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  10. I can confirm its running on 2 cylinders .
    Cylinder 3 was already dodgy, no 1 has now gone too.

    That would explain why it it's so slow then !
  11. bernjb56

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    2 miles :D
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  12. It did about 50 miles to get here, in this state !

    Probably terminal ?
    But anyone know of aircooled garages near cockermouth/Keswick, that may be able to help?
    Rac on way though
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  13. davidoft

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  14. To be fair, it could still get up to 50 on the flat (eventually).
    First sign of a hill though, was bloomin painfully slow!
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  15. hasn't it always been slow ;)
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  16. rac man said coil has gone. producing very weak spark on each plug when tested. he tested the coil resistance and it was well out.
    ive just tried to check the coil resistance myself to confirm, (hopefully done it right) I get different numbers to what he said but still out of range for what I can find on here

    over the plus and minus terminals I get 4.2 ohms, minus to centre pin 8.59 k ohms (now I get the K ! )

    is this bad?
    new coil time?
  17. Change it anyway.
  18. You can get a coil from any motor factors for around £20 so you may as well give it a go.
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  19. oh is a coil just a standard item then? not a specific model for a t2?

    new one winging its way from vwh anyway. I'm dubious as to if itll fix it
  20. Citroen 2CVs run perfectly fine with a 2-cylinder aircooled engine.

    They don't weigh a ton-and-a-half, mind :(
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