Another London attack?

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  1. Scary times if you ask me cant we vote Trump not much of a choice is there? And yes Cameron was a complete celery
  2. Think they realised a bit late tbh! damage done. She is an oxygen theif
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  3. What about a head to head debate Boris and Abbott :D
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  4. Could offer free zip wire and abacus
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  5. [​IMG] v [​IMG]

    I'd watch...
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  6. Poptop2

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    I have the answer to all this terrorism thing...



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  7. Oxford V Cambridge eh. Boat race, University challenge all rolled into one!
  8. btw - what an indictment of the British Higher Education System that would be!
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  9. ^^^
    you would have more chance praying to a cat ....:)
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  10. The police do not like the Tories for what they have been doing. However most think that Diane Abbott is a total inadequate f-wit and distrust JC. Rock and hard place come to mind.
  11. I thought that it was just me that thought it as strange that Abbott has not been seen but I've just seen this

    Come on @SweeneyTodd as TLBs resident socialist, where is she? What has the Shadow Home Secretary who actually my be in charge of our domestic security on Friday got to say on the matter? This is what she is there for isn't it, to tell the public what the Tories are doing wrong? Go on, admit it, JC has locked her away because even he thinks she's dangerous.
  12. Or Education or the NHS
    I know this because the Mrs and my Daughter Both chose careers in that sector and shout at the TV every time
    They come on
  13. I agree with the education bit as academies are failing where I live but it was the last Labour government that actively encouraged hospital trusts to get PFI finance for new hospital builds (as well as for new police stations and fire stations) and these are bankrupting the NHS. The major hospital for Mansfield, Newark and surrounding area is millions in debt to pay for the contract that they cannot get out of.
    I have no political bias and I think that all politicians are the same. It's all spin.
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  14. 1. The Express is a tory rag (you should know that @Jono1249 )
    2. Diane Abbott doesn't need to say anything, the tories have enough rope to hang themselves.
    3. Where are Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & Jeremy (I WILL shut the NHS) Hunt rhymes with ****?
  15. Oh I agree about Boris and Co but we're at the height of an election campaign and at the height of a terror campaign, so what has the potential head of domestic security go to say about it? Apparently sweet FA because Labour don't want to spoil their chances.
    I really dislike all politicians. Smoke, mirrors and spin by all parties.
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  16. Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, and Rachid Redouane, 30,..........
    Is that Welsh ?
  17. Don't get me wrong, I also think she is missing & that is not a good show in my book but I would rather her miss a week & Labour get into power so they can start redressing some or all of the tories 7 years of failings. I understand lots of people don't like politicians but they are necessary to run the country & I would rather have a politician who thinks of others before himself than one that thinks of hers & herself before anyone else. I implore all non voters to get out there come rain, hail or snow & make their mark. You never know we may all make a better Britain!
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  18. Nothing's gonna change, they're all the same. Perhaps Corbyn is one of the very very few honest ones , but out of his depth, creepy career boy Labour MPs will rip him a new one if he gets in.

    May and the crew are pretty much 100% dishonest. Lying is what they do. Ordinary Brits , will get shafted either way to get displaced by newcomers, who cost less. At first.

    Friday on my mind! Be glad when it's over.
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  19. Things could & will change with the right party in power. A non vote plays into the hands of the tories!
    Choose wisely on Thursday!
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