Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

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    @dubsurftones as you come from a country mainly made up from long term immigration there must be many of your fellow Americans with names that reflect their ancestral origin? I think you've said you were of Italian descent?

    Though in this case i think they may have both been born abroad!
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  2. But he hasn't ONCE voted FOR legislation to help the security services, there is a lot of support for him so let's hope I'm wrong and that he makes a fantastic prime minister
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  3. As you have said before, the man is/was an activist , people can change I hope Mr Corbyn has
  4. One of the biggest issues for me is the question of whether Corbyn is just a puppet for the people (anarchists) that engineered his installation as the labour party leader. the second is the calibre of the people he has had in his shadow cabinet.
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    Hey! I voted for him as leader and I'm not an anarchist. Though I do have a Crass CD in my van so maybe I subconsciously have those tendencies! :)
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  7. yes that's the one.
  8. Who cares about what these cartoon characters say? All of them run to the money when elected. Why don't we close Saudi Arabia down....they fund all the mosques and madrasses where the jihadis learn their skillz.

    Why not? Because Saudi pay off all the players and own the journalists. They spend a lot of money. Any idea how much they fund higher education in this country?

    This is why upper class twits and middle class academics won't criticise 'their bosses motivation', its 'waycist' or something made up. They lose their job if they say anything else.

    As for abbot, she's black , a woman, ugly, working class ..soft target for bullies I guess.... Have you seen these creepy, public school white males in the Lords/house of common? There's just so many. What duck related expenses did abbot 'the stoopid' ever claim?
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  9. afraid Abbott will have to go, just for being incompetent... mind you the Tories get away with it. Wonder what name calling Bullingdon Boris, the man of the people will get up to today!
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  10. I wonder
    But he can think up numbers much better
    Remember his 350 million brexit bus?o_O
  11. I don't think he can!
  12. Not Welsh....doesn't sound Gaelic either tbh.
  13. Stephen Hawkin backs Labour even tho he does not like Corbyn- Is he stupid :thinking:
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  15. I know its a bit late in the day, but I reckon May will now give the police what they need and reverse the cutbacks. Our security is far more important than all that Brexit stuff. The priorities have changed.

    I can also see new laws being set out and a widening of Police arming and powers. We are in a new place now where the threat from muslim terrorists living here is real and random. We all have to be vigilant.

    I really don't see Corbyn or the likes of Abbot being any good at dealing with the terrorism issues.
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  16. FTFY
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    No she wont; shes a dick.
    (As is Corbyn, Farron, Nuttall)
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    stephen hawkins ain,t stupid the first chance he gets to escape from this planet and he,ll be away

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