Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Made me think out loud...
    So we vote Tory because of the terrorist attacks and they being the most capable of dealing with it? Handy for the Tories that they attacked when they did then, middle of an election n all that!

    Am I being unrealistically cynical and over thinking things?
  2. the conspiracy theory resurfaces ... even to suggest what you propose is very poor form
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  3. They get away with alright...

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  4. I hear you! As opposed to May and Rud who have been effective havent they!
  5. Doesn't this thread go on ... could have stopped a long while ago ... roll on Friday
  6. I do hope you don't think i am serious ;)
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    I knew you would pick up on that dude and I knew that Chad would like your reply. It is poor form, you're right.

    Are you really pickles?
  8. what?
  9. It does, its important in case youve forgotten which thread this is. Its about basic needs of a society to function properly... safety and security are right there at the bottom underpinning the very foundations we all need in place to lead free and happy lives. All the harking back to the past and dragging up old half facts solves nothing. We need logical, thought out action and proper funding and a move away from the slash and burn we cant afford it approach. We can afford it and we bloody well should pay for it and get it! We deserve better and this lot have got it wrong and will continue to get it wrong. Its their ethos and its wrong as it doesnt fit the circumstances.
  10. Just think there wouldn't of been this
    Election if Dave hadn't called the
    Eu referendum
    Where is he in all this now
    Taking foot selfies :confused:
  11. I have forgotten they all seem to merge into one ... police, may, corny, abbott, taxes, ira, brexit ...
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    Ask over the road.

    Oh, wait:you already have. Silly me. :rolleyes:
  13. Secret Intelligence Service?
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  14. No he's Woody or is it Wilf
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    Don't matter, none of em have really gone away. They can't resist coming on for our intellect and superior humour. :lol:

    Oh, and to be modded on occasion, they miss it being told they can't do something ;)
  16. This ^^^^ is so true, well said that man!!
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I just had a look; not bothered for ages.
    Hasn't got any livelier I see!
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  18. Oi don't drag me into this
    Just because pickles (Wilf) loves to stir it up
    You wanna see what he's done to his van as well
    Wilf you have taken
    this modifying thing too far now :)
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  19. yeah but now its reliable and fast ... btw are you really Woody?

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