Another London attack?

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    They havnt picked their names out of a hat
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    I agree - but nevertheless, the huge majority haven't committed a crime that would get them prosecuted in a court of law.

    It flips the 'presumed innocent' status for everyone.

    I think the scariest issue is this - the only weapons you need are a car or van (both easy to hire legally) and a knife bought from Tesco's etc.

    Drive the van about within the law all you want, carry the knife in the bag that you bought it in - and you can't be touched.
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    Kick the lot out. My tolerance level is at a all time low for these people. They can take their hate and religion and imaginary friend ( God ) home with em!
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    Again...'who' to 'where' and for 'what'?

    I'd genuinely love it to be that simply too....but it isn't and the quicker we understand that it isn't, the quicker we get to a viable solution or compromise.
  8. Dont like rhe word compramise you cant compromise with these monsters
  9. Why has it taken Manchester and London attacks to happen before the police make arrests? Surely these suspects where on the "list" before i guess the police didn't just turn up and arrest anyone in a burka or with a beard

    As i said before make arrests for these monsters on the "list" if it saves some lives it's got to be worth it
  10. Seems at least one was known to the security services and unfurled an ISIS flag on a ch4 tv documentary.
  11. Barry Haynes

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    Let's have a look at how Mr Corbyn has voted on anti terror legislation since 2000,

    Terrorism Act 2000
    This legislation - introduced by the Labour government - gave a broad definition of terrorism for the first time. The Act also gave the police the power to detain terrorist suspects for up to seven days and created a list of proscribed terrorist organisations.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001
    This was passed after the 11 September attacks in New York. It allowed foreign terrorist suspects to be detained indefinitely.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Control Orders
    The creation of control orders
    fourteen-day detention

    This was a measure, contained in the Criminal Justice Act 2003, which allowed the police to question terrorist suspects for up to 14 days.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Control Orders
    The creation of control orders was contained within the 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act. A form of house arrest, control orders were replaced by Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures - or TPims - in 2012.

    Corbyn voted against it

    ID cards
    Legislation which paved the way for the controversial introduction of ID cards, was introduced by the Labour government in 2006. The coalition government, with Mrs May as home secretary, would go on to scrap the scheme in 2010.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Ninety-day detention
    Drafted in the aftermath of the London 7/7 bombings, this legislation - part of the 2006 Terrorism Act - extended the detention-without-charge period from 14 to 28 days. The Labour government was forced to back down after trying to convince Parliament to back 90 days.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Counter-terrorism Act 2008
    This legislation gave powers to the police to question terrorist suspects after they had been charged. It also tried to extend detention without charge to 42 days, but the Labour government abandoned this after being defeated in the House of Lords.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act
    This was the 2011 legislation used to replace control orders with TPims.

    Corbyn voted against it

    Justice and Security Act 2013
    This legislation granted controversial new powers to close court doors on the grounds of national security. It allowed ministers to ask for a "closed material procedure" - an order to bar the public, press and claimant in a case from court.

    You guessed it Corbyn voted against it

    Wouldnt give you a lot of confidence if he was leading the war against terrorism, he's also against shoot to kill on uk streets
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  12. Wonder why! Info off facebook perchance? On a mission Baz?
  13. Barry Haynes

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    Oh amazingly Mr Corbyn has done a u turn on shoot to kill, he said last night in Carlisle the police must use " whatever force is necessary"
  14. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    just balancing the books
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  15. What - between a backbencher who voted against legislation for whatever reason and Mrs May who right royally cocked up being home secretary, reduced police numbers and supported terrorism abroad?
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  16. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Did you also know Mr Corbyn was arrested outside the old Bailey at the trial of Patrick Magee one of the IRA Brighton bombers, he was taken to Snow Hill police station where unsurprising the security forces opened a file on him as he posed a threat to uk security, I hope that file remains open for life
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    I'm not entering the politics of this as a non voter, but would like to state something.

    The impression we are given is that most of the above legislation would be reserved for specialist teams in the security and police services....and most (probably me included) would be ok with that.

    But the facts are a long way from that. That legislation can and would be used up and down local and central government, with little or no control of its suitability.

    Communication surveillance has been used to prosecute wheelie bin crimes, dog fouling and dating agencies....would you want some numpty from the local council having access to your phone, email and web comms...all of it....because they suspect you put soil in your garden waste bin?

    If the above changes were vetoed because of the abuse and lack of control, I can understand that to be fair. I don't know if it was though.
  18. Moons

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    I know it sucks, but we signed peace accords with the Nazis and the IRA.

    History shows you never get peace through war.

    And this type of war....where a person only needs a 99p bread knife, is unwinnable through force.

    Mankind is designed to live at peace with one another...only the top 0.1% gain anything from violence.

    We should be targeting them...the ones that sell the guns and profit from fear on all sides.

    You do know Bin Laden was a millionaire? Don't be fooled in to thinking the head of the ISIS snake is some pot head on benefits.

    They make millions selling oil. Wtf aren't the people buying it, the ones selling the engineering resources and parts not being stamped on? The ones running their power and sanitation plants, the ones selling them pick up trucks.

    All of them are reachable, and can be prosecuted. Why isn't THAT happening?

    Terrible though these acts are....believe me all the noise around them is s distraction leaving the true monsters to live millionaire lifestyles.
  19. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    I wouldnt be happy with a labour government but I would accept defeat and get on with it , the worst thing is a Corbyn/ Abbot led labour government that is frightening

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