Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Agreed....except the huge majority on the watch list haven't broken any laws either!
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    If they are on a suspect list then they should have to wear one of them GPS bangle things round their ankle of course it should be beefed up with an explosive ring in it so any attempt at removal means the removal of the foot this of course has a bonus in that if the wearers movement are deemed unsafe then they are detonated remotely - this will of course will raise protests about accidental detonation but it would not be a problem cause a new one could be fitted to his good ankle
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  3. Thats that sorted then. Didnt realise it was that easy, wtf have we been paying pur politicians for all these years!
  4. If possible the authorities need to shut them down on the internet. Any website championing terrorism, remove it. if youtube or any of the others refuse - shut them down too. Don't give the radicals chance to get their 'smash the west' message accross.
    My eldest son was playing one of the popular ps4 games Call of Duty or something similar online & was watching a game play video on youtube which is sort a computer game instruction manual (I don't understand it either) when he came to us raising concerns about the subtitles (he is profoundly Deaf). These read things like 'smash the west' & 'kill the infadels' etc so my point is these people who are doing the radicalising are infiltrating popular online gaming. This needs to be looked at closely because who knows what is 'out there'?
    Who knows what vile hatred these people are spreading, also who is listening to it & WHY are they listening to it?
    No-one has all the answers but if we can stop just one of our citizens from acting in this way then that must be a result.
    I don't want to get political here it is not the place but cuts to the NHS & other front line services will not help the dying or injured after acts of such atrocity like we have had lately. We certainly don't want a similar scenario to the USA where immediately after atrocities such as the boston bombing ivoices were sent to relatives of the dead for the care they received at the roadside prior to their deaths. This could run into tens of thousands of dollars. They got these invoices for long after the victims were dead, whilst still grieving & having funerals to pay for. People who were injured still receiving rehabilitation care getting regular high value bills for their aftercare & none of this their fault!
  5. Wife says we should adjust our wills. As we both work in town they have got at least one person scared.
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    It's Blair who should be held to account ....I was very dissapointed in his collaboration with hairy Bush . Everything has gone horribly wrong since . History usually repeats it's self ...when violence starts and returns with violence ....a feeling of aggression is already starting to appear on hear , because people don't know how to cope with it all .

    If this sort of attack happens every 2 weeks patience is going to wear very thin . I just live in hope .
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    Suppose Blair is responsible for attacks on Germany and France then?
    Bush was going into Iraq with or without Blair (he didn't need our forces) so the outcome would have been the same.
    It was maybe that we were better of in to try and sort out a decent transition as the Americans would have made a worse hash of it by themselves.
    Only a thought
  8. Yes as they unsettled the whole region and they had nowhere else to go.
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    I think it was far from a settled region before they went in. Saddam was gassing his own people and his sons were torturing his own just cause they looked at him wrong.
    Had they no designs on Kuwait still.
    Iran-Iraq never had any wars did they and they all get on really well with Israel.
  10. Why is blame being laid? I suppose if we go far enough back we could blame Ghengis Khan or the like?
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    Yes but we are getting Tarred by the same brush because of him .
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    The most recent line of a poor decision ...just a bit clearer than old Ghengis .
  13. WMDs
  14. You mean the most recent line in a string of many many poor descisions taken by man over countless decades & centuries all over the world, don't you?
    It isn't exclusive to us!
  15. Blair or his adminstration aren't the only politicians to tell lies..... They are all at it everywhere, for what? A bit of power or money for the short time they are alive?? Seems such a waste when there is an opportunity to make a real difference to ordinary peoples lives.
    Sad times we live in! :(
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    Recent and clear to me and a lot of folk agree ....I remember at the time thinking This is going to come back and bight .
    You are right , there has been loads of poor descisions made by mankind . But this could have so easily been avoided J.C would certainly agree .
  17. I remember reading somewhere about 30 years ago that the third world war would start in the middle east worrying eh?
  18. I don't condone any of this btw! I was just stating that if we are laying blame for the wrongs of the world then it doesn't start with Blair. Also it wont fix what happened then & what is happening now!
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  19. Doomsday book?
  20. Not sure mate just remember reading it somewhere

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