Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

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  2. Barry, as Home Secretary she oversaw large scale cuts to Border, Police and Security Forces and, since seizing the top job, has been hiding or avoiding difficult questions.

    To blame? No.
    Accountable? Yes.

  3. She was Home Secretary from the start of Cameron's government, so accountable for our direct and indirect influence on all of the Arab Springs.
  4. If the election was in maybe 4 or 5 months time I think she'd lose.
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  5. Been reading this and Manchester post lets look at real facts
    1. May will hold a Cobra meeting....nothing will happen or change
    2. These people are monsters are not animals, animals only kill to survive/eat
    3. The security forces are not stupid they probably know who they were but were powerless to lock them up.

    We need action now these monsters need locking up I don't care what the hand wringers say if it saves lives who cares
    May or Corbyn ( god help us) needs to grow a pair and sort this now enough is enough.
    Innocent people where murdered in cold blood last night and in Manchester what next?
    Barry you are spot on we need all suspects locked up now
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  6. I'm not voting for her but don't see Corbyn as good alternative :(
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  7. There are no alternatives at the moment that's why Trump got in at least he has the balls to act
    I don't agree with him as he's a loose cannon but let see what happens when those monsters attack the states
  8. The best you will get from May is a statement along the lines of her being "deeply concerned [INSERT STATEMENT OF CHOICE]".
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  9. Keir Starmer will be next Labour leader, or they will have to wait until Andy Burnham completes his Manchester stint.
  10. Spot on Space Cowboy let's all watch her on tv with her empty statement
  11. Blimey, she referred to Islamist extremism and "enough is enough".

    Well that's a start I suppose.
  12. Poptop2

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    It is enough. Time to tell them what we think of them and get shot of them. They are a cancer and need surgically removing. They should start by rounding up all those that go on these extreme Islamic websites and detaining them indefinitely. Then if they are found to be holding anti us views then deport or imprison them for life! Yeah, yeah, I know that's totally un PC, but feck em, we have a 21st century outlook on life not a stone age one!
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    And don't name the scum either, I don't want to know their names or even know they exist.
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  14. We have already moved forward - nobody on here has complained that they were shot dead.
    That has got to be a good start
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  15. NO.

    It's not a balls thing for him, it's default.

    Let's get a couple of things straight....Trump, and the rest of them genuinely view the world like this, as do the Saudis and those driving the 'terrorists'....

    Whilst it's a quirky film clip, it is as good an explanation as any as to why the preventable happens and how they justify it to themselves and anyone else.

    This is a game designed to have no winners.

    Terrorism will end up like smoking etc....we will get on with it (life), believing it will never happen to us.
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  16. Just send them back over there regardless of if there a uk citizens or born hear. as fare as I'm concerned if someone has decided to support this group your out of the uk for good.
    go there and rejoice in your beliefs. It won't last long will it.
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  17. That's a very interesting and troubling article.
  18. ron


    the internment in northern Ireland in the 70,s did absolutely nothing to kerb the shootings and bombings
  19. We should treat as vermin, call the exterminator remove the cancer or it will carry on for generations............ now is not the time for political correctness!!
  20. ron


    there should be a clearly define public statement , these terrorists are clearly happy to die for their glory in heaven so be it
    the goverment should say loud and clear " we will try to ensure that if as a last resort we have to shoot them we will endeavour to have a female shooter do it - and ( as most law abiding muslims agree that these are not true muslims )
    they will be cremated and ashes scattered at sea with no religious ceromony
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