Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Make sense ,:thumbsup:
    To much gibberjabber minutes after events like this..
  2. Just watch the news!
  3. They tend to know very little..:(
    They just recycle the same stuff every 10 mins..:mad:

    With a major incident,
    the facts are going to be suppressed to enable security forces time to act..
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  4. Watch the news by all means but they are making a meal of it. Thoughts to the victims and hope its sorted and they just arent telling us. Lets hope they actually catch them.

    Its good we know theres been an incident and good that people can be warned and be alert to danger but the news is just speculation. Piecing together possible facts and coming up with wild scenarios isnt helpful.
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  5. Don't watch the news!
  6. You can usually tell which twitter reports are genuine.
    Dumb ass Katie Hopkins in there, gleefully using it to push her own 'brand'. Am switching off.., too depressing.
    Those poor people.
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  7. It's from my own observation and conclusion.

    This isn't the time or place to expand, given that none of us know the details of this only comment would be Islamic terrorism and aggression are not new.
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  8. Question to the members who were so against interment after the Westminster and Manchester incidents , I'll repeat what I said after each incident where I was shouted down, if these latest individuals were known to the uk security services as possible terrorists, shouldn't we be detaining them, im one for saving British Citizens no matter what race or creed, my feeling is if you want to kill us in the name of extremism or support extremism then you shouldn't be free to roam uk streets to kill, what next will we be hearing from the human rights brigade banging on about the right to kill, put me in charge of security, so why not interment?
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  9. Something does need doing as it's getting all too common, just no idea what :(
  10. Misguided Misfits ....Shame the miserable sods don't just jump off London Bridge
  11. Likely to be misfits, losers and in no way representative of any major world religions. (Repeated across every newspaper everywhere ). Don't worry flowers and candlelight vigils will show them whose boss, #loveisallyouneed etc etc
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  12. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I've said it before time and time again...and it will emerge that the latest three will be known to the authorities as a threat ..guaranteed.
    Detaining them is too good for them...extract them in the dead of night and throw them in big hole and bury them alive .... I know they want martyrdom and this gives them what they want ....but I don't want them walking the planet a day longer...
  13. Im only talking of interment for known suspected terrorists and sympathisers not all muslims, in fact most muslims want these individuals off the street as much as I do
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  14. How about a big juicy financial reward for any info leading to a thwarted attack? Others are bound to know if Mohammed is putting a bomb together .... increase the incentive to dob them in.
  15. old ground didn't we go through this last week. you can't just go locking people up on a whim. plus didn't Corbyn vote against a number of the terrorism laws being introduced
  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    The more this happens; the less people will agree with this.
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  17. locking people up on a whim, I say it again, PEOPLE FLAGGED UP TO THE UK SECURITY FORCES not mr Mohammad from Tooting, Southall,Bradford, or Leicester
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  18. If you want detention without trial then let's remember it's what the US did - Guantanamo Bay - internationally condemned if my memory is correct.

    I'm sure those proven guilty of an offence under the provisions of the Terrorism Acts are already detained, if you want the scope of those laws widened then telling people on a camper van forum won't get make this happen, perhaps get in touch with your local MP, the PM, the Home Office and tell them your views. Let's face it what does "flagged up" mean?
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  19. They should make downloading this extremist material and bomb making details the same as down loading images of children why would you have such documents ?
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  20. Already done that

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