Another London attack?

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  1. Wtf has political correctness got to do with it. I havent seen any on here!

    The terrorists are the symptom. That needs treating, by whatever means necessary. It wont go away unless you treat the cause. Thats even more difficult. We are all potential collateral damage to the bigger issue and yes, whilst we support terrorism ourselves then why should we not expect to be victims. May will be back in power this time next week and business as usual. The war on terror... going well isnt it!
  2. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    At last someone who is singing from the same hymn sheet as me, I agree with everything written above
    What I won't and don't accept is Mrs May is to blame, these people are at war with us, nothing to do with cuts, they will bomb,stab,run down and shoot us whoever is in power be it Labour, Conservative, Libs, or Ukip. If you think voting a Corbyn led Labour government in is going to stop this war you are living in cuckoo land, we need to round these people up and either kick them out or lock them up
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  3. I don't vote for a particular party based solely on any one given policy or things that happened umpteen decades ago, neither does anyone else I wouldn't imagine. All things need to be taken into consideration - this is just one of them. I would rather vote for someone who will do something for all people instead of someone who will do nothing for the people but everything for themselves!
  4. Been an absolute disaster, Iraq were miles more stable under a dictatorship, awful mess we've created.
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  5. Why wont you hold May to account? Odd thing to say really. Why is itbeveryone elses fault and not hers. Shes the PM and has had some no insignificant influence on foreign and home affairs. Not saying its all her fault but it seems you think Corbyn is more to blame. How does that work?

    Were all upset and looking for answers i know. And its nor our fault this has heppened now is it! Not like we voted the people in that made poor foreign policy decisions and cut our services eh!
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  6. Blair
  7. ron


    check the time line prior to tony blair in modern times our involvement in arab countries was the first iraq war in which the only objective was to chase iraq out of kuwait - tony blair along with his allies took us to a situation from which isis grew - which has a goal of total world domination as ya do
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  8. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    No Chris you haven't grasped what I'm saying, I'm not blaming anyone, we are at war these people are going to continue to kill us regardless of who's in power
  9. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Chris where did I say Corbyn was more to blame?
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    If you remember Mrs May sacked underlings when things went wrong.
    Nothing was ever her fault.
    Why should it change now.
    Cuts cuts and a few more cuts usually sort it all out
  11. What has been shown is that we can't trust either of the two main parties.
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    Wish the Americans would have stopped that tirant Blair. Forcing them into a conflict they didnt want was just wrong
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  13. Ah....

    Thus we return to my desired democracy where 'none of the above' is registered as my actual vote.

    If enough people voted that way, each party would be forced to go back and change their offering...that to me avoids the 'least worse' shamocracy we have currently.
  14. Immigrants welcome

    Never has the phrase the fox is in the hen house been more appropriate

    I agree this cancer must be cut out which ever method is appropriate
  15. Would the hand wringing and pc brigade be so happy if one of their family was murdered I doubt it
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  16. On Facebook after the Manchester attack loads of posters saying but what about the people of Syria which I agree is awful but it seems people care more about others than our own these days, there's no charity starts at home as you will be called racist for saying that, like if you put an England flag, everyone's been brain washed that it's all our fault and we should be ashamed.
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  17. I am not afraid to say it

    England first

    Great Britain

    If you don't like it board a plane and f*** off
  18. Hand wringing?

    When you can't identify who is a threat, can't ignore actual the law of the land and don't want our civil rights thrown out with the bath water.

    It's the wreckless and stupendous over simplification of the challenge that is unhelpful.

    Of the tens of thousands of refugees that come to the country and cause ZERO harm compared to the what, nearly 20, most of whom are born here, that are plainly murderous SOB's we conclude that immigration is the issue?

    Not having a crack at you personally, and agree that actions speak louder than words....but let's aim the bullet so to speak, let's give the challenge some real thought rather than a lot of this simplistic guff about sending 'them' (when they haven't committed a crime under our law, thus it's hard to identify them) 'back' (when most are born here) over 'there' (when we don't know what there is).

    Imagine you are Syrian, have watched your once great country destroyed, watched your family and friend murdered by a group you have no kinship with. Then the UK dump their sh1t on your doorstep, guarantee'ing you never climb out of utter horror.

    The majority of these issues are 'ours' to fix and the West caused them.

    Sorry if that's not what people need to hear, but a refusal to treat the cause results in meaningless band aid treatment of the symptoms.
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  19. I wasn't talking about the good immigrants i lnow lots of immigrants and they are lovely people i am just stating if you dont abide by our laws etc then leave as for the Syrians i dont agree we should have got involved but what do you suggest ? Let them murder us all and sit back and do nothing

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