Another London attack?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baysearcher, Jun 3, 2017.

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    there you go stewart
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    yup roll on friday when we,ll have lefty jeremy , and the ginger jock in charge - god forbid
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  3. Off doing a maths course ...
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  4. Sorry, this isn't having a go at you but this has been playing on my mind a bit.
    Something is seriously wrong where a person who may be in charge of domestic security on Friday will be making policy decisions that will put my former colleagues lives at risk to protect others, yet she will not make any comment now as it's not in the parties political interest so as to be elected.
    Politicians continue to show self interest rather then moral backbone.
    For this reason, I'm out.
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  5. Ive been banging on, on other threads about nhs and public services and all sorts of poop. The safety and security of your loved ones and yourself is the first consideration of anyone and is the basis of any civilised culture. I fell that whilst it shouldnt be a political football for the sake of it. On this occasion it isnt. We all knew that decisions to reduce police numbers were wrong. I didnt realise just how deep the cuts were and how much support staff and PCSOs were affected. Stats are horrendous. Im amazed it hasnt gone down the pan big style. That said perhaps it has. Perhaps it is true that these suspects have been reported previously, perhaps the system that should have resulted in some action or surveillance being carried out. Perhaps, as keeps being reported, the Muslim community do regularly report extremists, perhaps its a resoursce issue that means that it doesnt happen.

    I desperately hope that isnt the case but it does sound like it. The truth will out....(or be repressed in the public interest). So talk of getting tough. Talk by people on here about internment, violence against muslims is a fact and is undereported to try to prevent copy cat attacks, or possibly just to play it down. I dont know. Talk about how May is fit govern and Corbyn isnt....

    In my view the response by the police was fantastic in London. The response by all the emergency services in Manchest was fantastic. If it becomes apparent that these attacks could have been prevented and that normal people informed on the suspects then May must go even if she wins!
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    Just my two pennorth, the Tories will counter that crime is falling so we don't need as many police ( although I think I'm correct that violent crime is up, even if other crimes may be down... not sure if cyber crime is included in the stats). From a personal view, I can't remember the last time I saw what I'd call a Bobby round here. Do "beat bobbies" even exist anywhere any more? Occasionally I see PCSOs, but no disrespect to them, they're not a copper are they? I'd like to see a bobby, even occasionally, patrolling the streets where I live. They used to be a regular feature, and frankly I miss them and the visual reassurance they give.
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    in the first attack outside parliment there were plenty police there and there was armed police as well still didn,t stop him from killing

    in the last the helicopter than came in had sas backup (who weren,t used) apparently
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    seen them round our way but what is missing is traffic cops they have been taken over by anpr and speed cameras
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    Our local police station was closed.
    We had our shed robbed of £4k worth of gear.
    After 2 weeks a PC turned up to see what happened.
    He told us that when the local station was shut all the knowledge gained about local villians was lost and they had no idea now who was responsable for anything that went off in our area.
  10. No more so than May & her cronies who put us in this position in the first place with their cuts on public spending & front lines services!
    When the tory led coalition govt. (laughable) were in power they said "there are hard times ahead, we must reduce the defecit, so cuts will have to be made" That's fine if you are going to reduce borrowing but it us at an all time high & these cuts have still been made & also I don't see a massive dent in the defecit so it begs the question "what are they spending it on?"
    It's not security, health, public services, industry or education is it? so.......
    At least under a Labour govt money ends up in the pockets of those that need it & not in the pockets of thise who already have enough. They might even spend on all the above services I mentioned previously.
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  11. I used to talk to our local pcso on a regular basis. Saw him most weeks a couple of times and had a brief chat every couple of weeks. He just disappeared. Occasionally see plod walking out .... possibly once or twice in the last year. See plenty of cars on a shout flying past and hear sirens.... i had occasion to call them a month or so ago. Absolutely no complaints as to their response. Very good but was surprised ho far she came from. Our local station is now a funeral directors!
  12. Our local police station has just been upgraded to a nice new purpose built building (within last 5 years). We had a ford fiesta stolen, towed during the day, neighbours were witnesses & some had cctv. Sgt Plod came, interviewed me (sniffed around my house) got statements from neighbours & told me "THEFT IS A HARD CRIME TO PROVE" - his exact words!! Didn't even bother to come back for cctv footage!
  13. Dont blame the politicians blame the electorate (that's all of us) who want something for nothing ... moan when/if council tax is increased and then moan when services are cut. Every body needs to put their hands into their pockets not just the higher earners.
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    So long as the cash is divided up properly I feel most people would agree
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    So Corbyn is going to get tough against the kind of people he has always supported , he's going to start supporting the security services and he's going to give them more powers in the fight against terror
    Yeah right
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    I think this proves my point that all politicians are arseholes. They are shameless; they'll say whatever they think it takes to get in and get their snouts in the trough.
    The fact they can all about-turn on their long held beliefs in the week before the election shows how low they are.
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    Could be St Kildan Gaelic
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    And all about turn when they get in too . A barrage of constant gobbing off ....particularly Nicola S ....They all ought to be auctioneers rather than politicians.
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  19. Has he supported ISIS then? Who has he supported, what did he support. As a mine of information I'm sure you can did out the truth from the lies and misquotes. What he hasn't done is support terrorists abroad using his intelligence services and funded assassination attempts by an individual who's son then bombed innocent children at a pop concert! he hasn't reduces funding for our security services under the banner of paying off the country's debts and then actually increasing the debts, he hasn't supported badly conceived laws intended to diminish the liberties of normal people whilst doing little to address terrorism. He also hasn't supplied arms to countries who support terrorists and turned a blind eye to that and to their appalling human rights records because it was good for business, the same country who is bombing a country we are supplying aid to!

    No need to twist the truth cos that's what the newspapers say. Just keep mentioning Dianne Abbott it much quicker and simpler. (bit of an own goal there !)
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    You just upset loads of Sun readers there
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