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  1. How did you convert vw paint code to the correct RAL number?
  2. :lol: guessed...…….

    and got it wrong by a couple of shades! :eek:

    I only intended to use the Rustoleum on the interior and under the wheelarches, the bodywork was different & that was to VW codes. The rustoleum is more yellow which I don't mind as it brightens the inside :)
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  3. ral paint is the best off stuff
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  4. If thats a rear bumper that is the bit that might once have been protected from dirt by grit guards fitted along the bottom edge.
    Without guards, mud packs behind the bumper bracket and rots it from the inside.
    By the time I had finished on my bumper there was about 20cm of the bumper around the bumper bracket made out of badly welded in strips of steel. And the rot went down to the bottom edge where the exhaust helps the rust. So when I backed into a bollard one day the bumper just split.

    So I sourced a newer bumper off somebody who had backed into a small tree, hammered out most of the dent and used that.
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  5. Nothing to my bus but went to my third "Introduction to welding" evening class at Southampton City College.
    Taught by Davinia Urquhart, who is quite a character.
    Its fun melting / welding 6mm steel with a proper sorted 3 phase 300 amp welder.
    Next week I am off doing lines and onto lap joints if my final set of scalloped lines are OK.
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  6. i thought RAL was just a universal colour code system?
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  7. You're quite correct

    'RAL' is the abbreviation of 'Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung'. This name can be translated in English as 'National Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance'.

    It ensures that a particular colour can be consistently reproduced (in theory)

  8. I always thought of RAL as the Pantone of the car paint matching world :)

    in lighting design there are two main colour filter suppliers, Lee and Rosco and each have their own codes but there are charts available for converting from Lee Filters (UK/Europe) to Rosco (the rest of the world) and i wondered if there was such info available for converting VW colour codes to RAL?
  9. To be honest the bumper has had it and I will be looking for a new one at some point! But I’ve decided to have a bit of a go at practicing filler and some of the things I’ve learnt at college on it before I start tackling things that matter!

    Glad you’re enjoying the welding course, that’s the bit I enjoyed the most, going to take a bit more practice and nerve before I start cutting into Molly!

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  10. thats a very easy repair cut out the rot
  11. Does it count if this was over three days, I received my new doors cards courtesy of Delilahs and set about replacing the old ones, Plus renewing the window felt seals and clips that was a bit of devil and caused my to call Tilly's parentage into doubt however patience dis pay off in the end and new door felt seals fitted to the RH passenger door.
    Got some new vapour seal from VW Heritage and made a new double seal for the RH door following some good advice from @snotty about venting doors, made a good pocket for the speaker and secured in place with adhesive.
    Fitted rubber bungs into holes in door and fitted clips to door card slight adjustments to clip position but all went well and cliped nicely into place.
    Fitted old door furniture new blingy stuff on way and it looks good.

    Out with the old
    out with the old .jpg
    ready for the new .jpg
    On with the new
    on with the new .jpg out with the old .jpg ready for the new .jpg on with the new .jpg
    I know the drivers door is shown as out with the old but took piccys afterwards
  12. Looks great :thumbsup:
  13. But today I took the cover off Tilly a small trickle charge to the battery and started her up, a little reluctant but fired up and ran well took her for a small spin around to just move bearings tyres and brake systems all the wotk done prior to this with brake lines wheel bearings and tuning must have paid off she ran well stopped when needed and sounded really good
    Back home under cover awaiting fitting of my Drivers door card in the next few days with bling.
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  14. Checked it was still where I left it. It is.
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  15. Took the chill off the engine...

    a new bay in snow 6s.jpg
  16. Thought about starting mine up ... then realised the time and the proximity of neighbours. And the wine. Oops
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  17. B*llocks to the neighbours. Get that engine started!
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  18. Ha! Tomorrow I will, it’s a busy weekend with a ‘to do list longer than a f***ing Leonard Cohen song’ :D
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  19. Leonard “ music to commit suicide to” Cohen?
  20. Sorry having a Malcolm tucker moment

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