The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Nope can’t say I noticed that

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  2. Can't even see the firewall from underneath!
  3. This video might help to show where they are positioned.

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  4. jesus thems smart
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  5. Cheers, will have another look, although cutting an additional inspection hatch is tempting!
  6. Well today I confirmed the purchase of a subaru conversion kit .. Funny story, When I was restoring the van I bought the same parts from the same chap. During that stage of the resto I kinda thought it would be quicker to just stick with the VW lump.. That resulted in the sale of the subaru parts which went back to the fella I bought them from, then, several years later, I made a brief enquiry, He hadn't used them but still had them, so they will soon be on the return journey... No rush to fit them, hope to get the loom sorted, exhaust system constructed , rad system constructed and stuff basically sorted out to make it a "weekend" installation. No weekend this year though. Too close to spring , wife would kill me if I pulled the van apart now .
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  7. Hacked off what was left of the offside sills to leave the raggy ends of the cross members and a rough looking floorpan. Then put a bucket full of rust flakes in the bin.

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  8. I said I still had my scalextrics...That’s where I left ‘em... 00300C70-1136-4CB7-883A-8B87687B292B.jpeg
  9. Cleaned my headlamps which were covered on the back with paint and bitumen by a P.O.

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  10. You need to look down the holes in the top.
    PS a Dremel or die grinder with a lot of grinding tips may be your friend, as I couldn't find a direct path for a drill that would not risk snapping the drill.
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  11. Day

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    I've been restoring the louvre windows. All new rubbers.
    As you can see from the old rubber next to the new it needed doing.
    After two afternoons I've nearly finished one.
    Even got the inner rubber which has never been on before.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. It's bath time for my spare dissy. Look at the muck in there :eek:...

    a dissy 1 6s.jpg
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  13. Just about to start it up and take it for a spin as my car is elsewhere and I can't be arsed to walk into town.
    ….. it's been a few weeks so lets hope *crosses fingers*
  14. That`s truly disgusting - how can you live with yourself ??


  15. He`ll be fine - nay - chomping at the bit to get out :thumbsup:

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  16. I'm not proud of myself :(
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  17. It'll be fine. He wants a romp.

    Your car's "elsewhere"? Did you forget where you parked it ;)?
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  18. Well he started after about 10 seconds of trying, so I'm okay with that.
    Cold idle is pathetic, and the need to keep gunning the engine is a bit annoying, but he just needs a good run to clear the cobwebs (with that I can sympathise!), and a bit of a tune up.
    Got a different dizzy to try, and also a newly refurbished carb, both of which I need to get around to fitting - hopefully that should sort a few issues out: the existing carb is a bit worn, and the current dizzy has some weird issues which mean a 30 degree advance at revs gives a 0 advance at idle.
    He smells a bit damp and unloved inside, and there is a lot of condensation!

    Ha ha! It has been known, but today I know exactly where my car is..... over t'other side of the forest, at work!
    In exchange I have a truckful of trees, but it's not the best of things to take shopping! Thus, Clem gets an outing :)
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  19. Truly combining 2 interests there ;)

  20. I honestly wouldn't bother drilling them through.
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