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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Knocked the snow off for the big thaw. Lot of hard water on top of it...
  2. Hmmm should probably do the same. I'm imagining a big puddle of melted snow water in the cab too, damn and blast my rubbish windscreen seal.
  3. i have a waterproof cover you can have. i bough a breathable showerproof one to replace it, but but waterproof is good if you air it regularly :)
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  4. Ah thank you, I keep thinking I should get a cover but have been procrastinating about it for the last 4 winters! A builder friend was supposed to be building me a car port, but I fear the winter will be over before we get started on it! Clem is also supposed to be heading down to Alex the welder to get the little rusty bits around the windscreen sorted (amongst other faffing) and thus hopefully sorting it's leakiness and getting a better seal etc.... but again, time moves on!
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  5. i shall save the waterproof cover for clem :)

    my new one is only showerproof but am sticking with it cos i bought it! :rolleyes:

    could post the waterproof one to you?
  6. That's really kind thank you, ….. I think it would be quite big, bulky, and heavy for posting though, wouldn't it? (although I've not seen one 'not in use' if you see what I mean).
    I'm hoping by the end of the week Alex will be free from all other Beetle related welding jobs that have been dragging on, and Clem will be residing in his lock-up in Ringwood, but after that - assuming the car port is just a distant builder's dream, coming to glorious fruition in time for next winter, or maybe the one after that possibly, some day maybe one day - then the cover would be fab, thank you :)
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  7. I’ll get some postage quotes just in case :)

    I reckon Hermes would throw it in your general direction for a few quid and I’m happy to cover that :D

    I’m in bed with a purring mog, a fire set in for the night downstairs (apparently -10 tonight according to a neighbour - but they are all bonkers!) and the smell of paint and carpet cleaner drifting up... not quite the tropics but close x night.
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  8. Sleep well, g'night x
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  9. If only you knew someone who goes oop norf but also goes to Hampshire! :rolleyes:
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  10. Ha! Forgot about that :D
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  11. How cold you forget mr dean , he will be sad :D
  12. For various reasons I haven't touched the bus for two months until today.
    Cleaned up the rusty holes at the bottom of the o/s B pillar and made a plate to fit. Cleaned off the rust behind the o/s sill ready to paint before the sill goes on. My hobbyweld gas bottle is empty (already!) which is odd after not very much use - no I didn't leave the valve open. Will get new bottle this week and hopefully weld next weekend.
    Feels good to get back into it.
  13. Fitted and wired up my spot lights on Saturday after the snow melted, can’t stop looking out the window and admiring them. Might actually drive it soon and try them out when I thaw out.
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  14. Just " paid " the road tax and declared her MoT exempt.
    Going to let my mate with the MoT garage check the brakes on the roller as everything has been replaced over winter.
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  15. Changed the oil. 3.5 litres of green gloop and a W719/5 filter on the full flow filter head.

    Adjusted the tappets and discovered that two of the brand new lock nuts on the adjusters on the 3000 mile engine had galled onto the screws, one needed an impact driver to get it to shift (I did take it out of the rocker arm and deal with it on a block of wood with a pair of mole grips on the nut)

    And then made a custom wierdly tapered Woodruff key for the alternator shaft where the various pulleys that have been on it over the years have made the slot in the shaft bigger than they should be. So it has a narrow top that matches the slot in the pulley and a much wider base that goes in the slot.

    Because the woodruff key is loose, it eats pulleys. I had one work reasonably well when partly I glued it on to the shaft in desperation but everything else rattles loose in the end. So I went back to the pulley that got bent as I took it off when the glue worked , put it in a vice and squeezed it flat, and the bus is running with that pulley.

    I think I need to consider a new alternator, or at the very least a destroyed alternator with an intact shaft that I can use with bits of my existing alternator.
  16. Fitted the new stainless exhaust and the powder coated fan shroud.Ready to go back in the bus[​IMG]

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  17. Took the bumper off to tackle the rest of the rust, fortunately the second half of the match wasn’t as good as the first so got it done!

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  18. Fought with the firewall for an our or so ....couldn't find 2 screws underneath and couldn't prise it from top ... so had a sulk and gave up.
    Think I may cut a bloody big hole in load area and get at everything that way ...
    It's hidden under carpet and 4in of foam after all.

  19. Hope you remembered to drill the heat riser holes under the flanges on top of the header..the flanges are just welded to bit of tube welded to the outside of the header tube.
    No holes so people without centre mounted carburettors do not have holes to block off.
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  20. Go back and have a good look. They are closer to the middle of the firewall than you might think. It will save you from an unnecessary hack.

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