Problem 2 in France. ..

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  1. Unlikely to leads / plugs as their failure would be a misfire rather than cutting out .
    I have a PROVEN spare 009 with petronix ignition - been flawless for the last 15 years .
    Take it with you and eliminate the distributor as the culprit .
    Could be the filter / carb i suppose but hopefully it`s been cleaned and inspected several times ?
    I`d still plump for an electrical issue but the only way is to replace the components one at a time to eliminate each one .
    Bloody frustrating but you`ve got a good drive from Lyon to play with it !
    PM me your address if you want to borrow the dizzy , i could send a small timing light if you need it ...

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  2. Just seen this, thanks.
    Hi Chris, I am thinking along exactly the same lines. I have PM'd you
  3. I'll be in Lyon in second week of September if you're still there.....
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  4. LOL
    Thanks, watch this space but hopefully sorted before then!
  5. If you have or can hire a suitable tow van I have a ridgid A frame you can borrow, pick it up from Dorset on the way out and drag it back. Get someone sensible to look at here.
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  6. Ta. Will bear it in mind. Hoping to get Cyril back this weekend or next week, even if I have to drive for an hour then let him cool for two, repeat, repeat, repeat. ...
    Although I hope that it doesn't come to that!
  7. If you need help I live near Lyon and I have plenty of tools, a new Bosch distributor, albeit a 009 with points, also a spare electronic module. New cap, new rotor arm and I can probably find a set of leads. And I’ve got a couple of timing lights (including one from our Paul Weeding).
    Don’t discount water in the fuel; water doesn’t flow through a filter anywhere near as easily as petrol, if you have a spare filter fit it.
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  8. Unless it’s the king lead.
  9. Lead from Coil to Dizzy already ordered!
  10. Whereabouts will you be in Lyon?
  11. Don't really know yet.

    Recommend anywhere?
  12. I’ve passed by it a few times but never stayed there, or any other campsite near Lyon, but Dardilly is a nice suburb and the campsite is conveniently close to the autoroute. It’s very easy to get to the city from there – apart from the notorious Lyon traffic of course. It gets reasonable reviews on but most use it as a stopover.

    Sorry I can’t be more help but we live here and don’t need to camp.
  13. Not good enough.
    Please camp more so I have some recommended places to go :)

  14. I have camped 3km away from our house ,either that or a teenage halloween party...:D
  15. I’ve camped here a few times: Very handy for wine and about an hour away from Lyon.
  16. Wrong side of Lyon unfortunately. :(

    We'll be coming from Dijon on our way to Montpellier.
  17. We stayed at the following Its just before Dijon. Due to a mixup we made we got a pitch with 'private sanitary' which had its own loo, shower and dishes sink at the plot, almost 'Glamping'!

    Rue des Voiliers
    F-52200 PEIGNEY
  18. Emm, Fleurie is on the same side of Lyon as the site you found but further North. Do you want to be North or South of the city?
  19. Now that the thread has been hijacked I just thought that I'd recommend a site that I had actually stayed at! LOL
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