Problem 2 in France. ..

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  1. Ideally south if anything.

    Previous stop will have been Dijon, next stop Montpellier.
    So somewhere nice and central to those.
  2. Hi @Lasty , @Razzah
    Have given it a lot of thought and spoke to an engineer mate of mine that rebuilds classic cars.
    It's not fuel as the engine just stops, it doesn't run rough at all. It must therefore be electrical.
    The battery is good as the engine will still turn over when it stops, and the engine restarts when it cools which points to an electrical component, it could be the king lead and I have bought a spare set but that's unlikely as that would probably result in an irregular miss fire and not what I have.
    It therefore looks like the problem is the electronic ignition. Was a very hot day, maybe 37C, & you know how electronics hate heat...
    I therefore went into the guys at Accusparc who are based near me in Hemel and they were great, ran through possible causes with me and also suggested replacing the electronic ignition, given that the coil, rotor arm & dizzy cap have already been replaced. I'm not going touch the dizzy body just the electronic ignition component.
    Now waiting for the AA to ring me back over what the garage says but hope to go to Lyon Friday to fit the new one and come home....
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  3. take another plug ,when it breaks down take a lead off, put the plug on ,touch it against the case ,and turn the engine over ,if it sparks it is not a ignition problem...

    Spark ,fuel simples...:D
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  4. Taking points and a condenser would eliminate the electronic ignition ...
    Bon chance mon brave !

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  5. Good call. All ready there with you on that
  6. Just to close this thread.
    I confirm that I went back to France and replaced the electronic ignition with one from Accuspark and this cured the problem.
    We then drove back to the UK without any issues :)
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  7. Sound right boring Sean no dramas ?
  8. And the lesson for all of us from this is:-

    If you run elec ignition carry a set of good old fashioned points and a condenser as a back up
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  9. Nope, just a good 550km drive... LOL
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  10. Is this the kit that goes in the dizzy,
    or a separate box/unit..?
  11. Hi Art,
    That's what I didn't know either!
    Essentially you lift out the contacts and condenser from inside of the Dizzy and the electronic ignition is a small unit about the size of the condenser that is mounted on a metal plate and that screws into the same holes as used to secure the contacts or condenser, the hole used depends on the type of dizzy.
    Pop the dizzy cap back on, reset your timing and you are done! Simples, even for me
    I think that the module is the same but that it is programmed differently depending on the application: Dizzy Type, vacuum advance etc
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