Problem 2 in France. ..

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by SeanOC, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. All vw holidays have a happy ending with this forum :beer:
    Have a great holiday Sean :thumbsup:
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  2. Glad you got it sorted.
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  3. best of british Sean ..:thumbsup:

    .cyril looks happy to have made it there ..:)
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  4. And..... R e l a x......

    Cyril looks lovely. Is he a Devon left hooker (looking at the rh sliding door)?
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  5. Yep
  6. I'm not surprised you've had problems, look at the size of the caravan you're pulling!!:eek:
  7. Oh dear, waiting for the Big Yellow Taxi number 3...
    The AA didn't sound as happy to hear me this time!
    Driven 200km this morning fine and then just cut out on the Peage. Been driving very carefully today s well...
    Family don't look too impressed LMAO!
    I wonder if I will be back in time for techenders...
  8. Moderator can you update the title to Problem 3 in France from here...
    Family noe playing 'Hangman' words so far:
    Quelle Suprise
    Big Yellows Taxi driver
    Engine failure
    Service Station. ..
    A theme me thinks...
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  9. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    oh dear, i'd weigh it in now before scrap goes even lower.
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  10. I have to be back for an interview Tues morning so I think that I will try to get the AA to just bring it back...
    But on the bright side, no one's hurt or ill and metal can be repaired!
    Where's the wine...
  11. Good news is we are in a hotel in a town called Belleville near Macon and the wine is great!
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  12. Good job you have breakdown cover...:D

    and a brave face is always good ,enjoy the vin..:burp:
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  13. Not really sure what I would have done without AA cover. My only mistake was not also taking the parts and labour option. Oh well I will know next time, that's assuming that they will insure me again!
    Flying home in the morning and need to agree if I have to come back to collect Cyril or they will just ship him home.
    Given that I don't have a job at the moment I am tempted to collect him if they ask.. With a dammed big box of spares!!!
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  14. Might even ask a mate to come with me n make it a bit of a trip!
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  15. Sorry to hear your family has lost their trust in the Van. When that happened in our house I had to sell the '83 Diesel Rabbit she couldn't stand to see in the drive.
    Hope they come around, it's worth saving!
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  16. Working on it. Luckily had some great UK holidays already but France next summer might be a hard sell...
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  17. Ok, this thread has been going a while so I have decided to summarise to date.
    Cyril is a 1977 Bus (T2) with a 2lit T4 CU engine with progressive single carb + electronic ignition & has now broken down 3 times with the same issue.
    Cyril now in garage near Lyon & I'm back in the UK for an interview tomorrow.
    I have no confidence in the garage & my plan, if the AA agrees, will be to go back to Lyon & collect Cyril later this week.
    Hopefully I can find a friend to come with me to help with diagnosis if & when Cyril breaks down again & where 2 people are required.
    To summarise the issue: Cyril goes fine then after about 2-3 hours just cuts out on the motorway and although the vehicle would turn over it would not restart. If I let it cool for 20 minutes it will restarted but then cut out again when it gets hot. If left overnight Cyril starts and runs fine for a couple of hours then same again :mad:
    Garages have diagnosed problems with the dizzy cap & coil and have fitted a new dizzy cap & rotor arm and a new coil.
    It is not no fuel or bad fuel as the vehicle does re-start when cooled down.
    It is not a vacuum in the petrol tank as I have opened the petrol cap to no avail.
    Possible causes are Fuel or electrically based:
    Wrong fuel, Dirt or water in lines (unlikely as I have driven 400+ miles since the 1st break down. I have also re-fuelled several times.
    Sticking float - need to check this next time but the carb is only 3 years old & was on a rolling road in June - how do I free the float or is it best/easy to replace the float?

    Electronic ignition - is this a module that you buy off the shelf and fit to the existing distributor?
    Distributor - is this likely and how easy will it be to replace by the roadside?
    A Bad lead on the coil?

    Any other likely ideas guys and what spares would you suggest that I bring with me apart from a new, running, engine;)?
  18. is it currently points? if so then yes you can replace them with a petronix or accuspark. are the leads new? spark plugs?

    doubtful it is the distributor, it sounds like the heat issue is causing something to break down
  19. Currently electronic ignition - is that the whole dizzy or just a unit that goes on the dizzy like points?
    Leads are 18 months old as are the plugs and both an easy fix so will take spares
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  20. electonic is normally a module that fits and replaces the points, it will have two wires coming out of the dizzy and attach to the coil for power. but these usually work or dont work.
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