Wilma's 40th Birthday Tour of Blackpool Illuminations, 26-28 October 2012

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  1. Nice seeing you both at Busfest - if it all kicks off again in Egypt we will see you in Blackpool. Otherwise it'll be Tatton
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  3. no mines something i know she won't have but its only little and its made by me so its ok x
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  6. Still not sure if i'm gonna make it at the moment.

    Is anyone else bringing their doggies with them?
    Not sure if the inlaws can look after ours that weekend as they are away on holiday until 8th october so i can't ask.

    The problem is one or our dogs can get a little protective over me (and food) and the other is scared of pretty much everything including wood crackling in a fire. :(
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    :) Bring the doggies. The campsite is pretty rural and has dog walks and is also a short drive to Lytham St Annes which has a great dog walking beach too.
    Not sure if we will be bringing the Pu yet as she freaked a bit last time we took her through the illuminations, but then again she freaked a lot when younger. Believe it or not she is actually mellowing with age...probably a lot to do with being a bit blind and deaf :thinking:

    Dogs most welcome , but only as long as I can kiss them :smiley_dog_kiss: lol
  9. Yeyyy I can come along on the Friday too, managed to get Saturday off work .to enjoy the festivities! Yeyyy x
  10. That's turned out well then. Cuz, seeing as you're bringing the gazebo, I think everyone was already expecting you on the Friday!
  12. Hi Wilma, Great to see you again at Vanfest would love to have chatted but you were full throttle sale pitching :D Would love to be part of your 40th celebration, I will be coming with Bee (vdubgirl) (((( hugs )))) x
  13. Are we alright just turning up as I havent had a cheque book for years ?
  14. Eee, I remember the days when I was writing several cheques a week for things. Cash oftentimes, because ATMs were relatively thin on the ground back then and also I didn't want my card retained just for being ridiculously overdrawn.

    Reckon I write only about three cheques a year now to any of
    • club annual subscriptions
    • small/independent traders (like campsites) paying off speeding tickets
    so it's still worth having a cheque book, but now they last me about ten years. :D

    Anyway, back to you're problem. If the camp site's not full then I doubt they would turn you away, but there's no guarantees that there would be spaces available near the rest of us: it's proper hard-standing pitches, not just home-is-where-you-park-it-styley:
    Do the Royal Mail still do postal orders? ::)
    Or ask the bank for a cheque book
    Or ask the Wilmas nicely to see if they'll send one on your behalf (but agree interest rates first)
  15. Cheers Moosey ,will you post one for me?

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  17. I'm defo coming Wilmas you know me :thumbsup:
    200's well to steep :(
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  19. Hopefully in his own van :thumbsup:
    Infact will have to be as I'm going away on the Wednesday.
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    will you get in touch with him and ask him to pay his deposit? ta x

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