Why are there no nice looking wheels for bays

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  1. Is it ironic that that bus didn't originally come with those wheels from VW?:p
  2. Looking nice! What are those?
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  3. 14 inch painted metallic silver
  4. :TTIWWP:
  5. Came with bus from USA running on 205 40 r 17 tyres still never found a make on them or a set over here so not much help .
  6. What size tyres are you using ,are these 14"?
  7. I really do like the look of these banded steels

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  8. JK sell 7" wide steel wheels now in the 5x112 PCD our vans need. ;)
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  9. [​IMG]. Im deciding weather to put these on instead of on my golf

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  10. What size are they?
  11. Huge
  12. Wide stud with raiders look mint

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  13. don't forget the tyres
  14. Hahahaha might buckle abit

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  15. Myvanway on early bays has the best by far there from the state and are the best I've seen:cool:
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  16. I've found one thats suitable. :p
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  17. [​IMG]

    Not everyones cup of tea! But I like!:)
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  18. Nice , what's on the one behind ? Do you have a pic please?
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  19. Stuf's :)

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