Why are there no nice looking wheels for bays

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  1. It's a shame if you can't, but it may be worth investigating. If I come across a cheap wheel I might look into it.
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    That's why we're all not running them and have to pay through the nose for about four styles of rubbish repro ones fron vw suppliers
  3. It was a test. Well done you passed. :oops:
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  4. Love this bus. How is she going dude, OK I hope!!
  5. Not quite the same as the ones i saw. They were 17" and looked more like torque thrusts.
  6. Depends, if the rims are hub centric, or lug centric... VW Heritage wheels are lug centric, so they are OK to bore!
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  8. I really like the new Beetle wheels. They would be great with Jurgens centre caps. Now looking for stuff to sell !!!
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  9. RH turbo 17" Porsche twist replicas but with a 5x112 PCD.
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  10. Before I bought my new beetle wheels, I had a set of Porsche, early wheels. I thought they looked nice, but the vw heritage wheels just look that much nicer. Also Airkewled had some really nice looking wheels I literally spent 2 years just looking for the right wheels for my LateBay! I even considered costume made wheels! In my opinion, for the money, the new beetle wheels was the best looking, cheapest, wheel for a late bay and the look I was trying to accomplish. 80% of the aftermarket wheels look to new to me. It makes the 1970's bus look funny with 2010's looking rims. Just doesn't match (my opinion). The wheels have to "look" period correct (to me). The new beetle wheels are huge (17 inch)! And they look like they could have been an option back in '79.... LOL. Has that "big, bling" look that could pass as a '79 style of rim, and they are much lighter than steel wheels! Now, if I could only come up with a home-made big brake (red calipers) option....
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  11. Your centers would have to be board to at least 67mm. The way that rim is made, it dosen't look like the center cap would fit back over the now 67mm boarded center whole, which would mess up the look of the wheels. Your thoughts...
  12. Could you maybe use spacers to create a bit more space?
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  13. All good mate, just keeps on going. Taking the ten inch wide tyres off the rear soon, going slightly smaller and it'll drop it down a bit more. Haven't got bunks for the top so going to try and board it out after looking at the thread on here so kids can sleep up top. Have stuck a lot of miles on it this year...which is nice.
  14. Not much space in the Buses wheel welds. Not sure if it can be done or not, but its already quite tight in there, also your now dramatically changing the look of the Bus with the "Bull Dog" stance look. I guess that look is ok, if your into it. Not my taste.
  15. Is that a Western Turbine wheel? As on the VW Landmark Camper?
    I want some...
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    They are called Turbovecs. The Landmark had these or similar fitted. [​IMG]
  17. Did those bolt straight on? Are the offsets ok?
    If so they look awesome.
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