Why are there no nice looking wheels for bays

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  1. Original steelies 14" with 185/R80
  2. Is that power supply really sitting in the water?:eek:
  3. if anyone wants any wheels mocking up onto their camper to see how they look I'd be happy to offer my photoshop skills out there?

    Decent picture of your bus and then an image of the wheels (as front on as possible or at a realistic angle to drop on) and Ill get on it!

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  4. Also standard equipment one The A Team van :)
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  5. My god them new beetle rims look epic any more pics ?
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  7. for the fronts, yes, plus you'll need longer studs and spacer for the rears.
  8. Has anyone done merc space savers on the front and 15 merc steels on the back ?
    Or generally just messed about with different steel wheels or space savers ?
    Seen some 17" space savers that could be interesting.
  9. Yeah i looked at something along those lines. I have some modified 16" steels at the moment which are vw rather than merc.. space saver would be a good place to start if you're banding as you can get it whatever width/offset you want. iirc they are 3.5 (or 4.5?) wide so a bit too narrow for a proper tyre. problem with 17"s is finding a good front tyre with a load rating that's man enough, whilst also being small enough to fit on a lowered van.
  10. If i could find a a high offset 4.5 " 5x112 space saver i would be a happy man !
  11. some slk came with a steel space saver spacer, pn 171400202 its 4.5x17 et12 and 5x112.

    ET12 will push it further out vs. a stock wheel but not by much and not a problem if you have a narrow beam.

    As above, the problem is finding a suitable tyre.
  12. was after 15s really dude got rubbing issues. the ideal spec would be 4.5" 5x112 et 35 with a 165 50 15 tyre
  13. lots of choice of 15" steels in 5x112 (skoda, passat, t4, caddy etc) but they're wider than that. i had my fronts narrowed, only cost 70 quid.
  14. that sounds cool got any details and pics?
  15. Teledials :0)

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  16. Fuchs still look cool especially with a fat 8 on the back.:cool:

    On an early but BBS still look great and are available in a 5x112 PCD.

    Porsche twists on a pickup.
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  18. Very nice. Pretty rare if they are 16x7 with a 30et.
    I nearly bought an audi 80 with the 4 bolt version of those wheels on. :D

    I think Zender turbos could look cool on a german look van.

    Some more porsche wheeled bays:





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