Why are there no nice looking wheels for bays

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  1. hi I have a set of stock earlybay wheels and adaptors I am thinking of fitting to my crossdresser like this with stock tyres 185/14c did you have any issues with rubbing on the rear arches


  2. that's not a pic of my van, but i guess you could easily answer the question if knew how thick the adapters were (come to think of it, i'm pretty sure someone on here does have wide five wheels with an adapter so they'll most likely be fine).
  3. @StuF how did you get the btr wheels on the back of your bay
  4. Took them down to Evil Bens in Cornwall and threw an obscene amount of money at him and said I didnt want the bus back till they were on!
    He had to do several things to get them on - shortened torsion housings, custom suspension mounts, custom springs plates, A-arms the list was comprehensive
    The rear is narrowed around 4'' both sides and the wheels fit perfect - been on a couple of years now and no issues at all

    Also added some shiny hub nut covers now too

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  5. @Baysearcher
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got wide 5 356 reps on adaptors.
    No problems in the last 10+ years
  7. Would you be willing to PM me with how much you paid as I have a set of wheels Id like the same thing doing with it please?

    Cheers matey :D
  8. IMG_1564.JPG

    Over the winter I shall be attempting (with help!), to fit some BBS RMs which are 5x112, but rather wide! Mine are currently in need of refurb so may end up gold, all silver or possibly black centres. If, big if, we can do it....
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  9. lovely - how wide? i have 7x16's on mine - think you will be ok with 8" wide if the offset is good.
  10. The are BBS RM003 so 5x112 15" 7J ET 36. My vans a none VW white are the moment, with black rubeber obviously, so thinking black centres might look good but cant resist gold....., you got a pic of yours?
  11. resurrecting an old thread, but to answer the OP's question "why are there no nice wheels for bays" - i think there are lots out there - you just need to avoid buying something out of a catalogue and put the effort in searching.

    e.g. these are ebay at the moment:


    period 15" bbs style mesh. good offset for a bay.


    or.. 80's merc wheels


    ^ those would look good painted gloss black i think.

    or.. these "centra" wheels, aftermarket for mercedes from 70's. super rare. A
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