Which Gear Shifter would you choose?

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by berpit, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. If it's based on aesthetics then the Bug Tech BUS01POLISHED wins the day, I can't see the big black Gene Berg handle thing working in my van & the addition of £50+ for a ball top just about kills it.

    Now how to get hold of one as cheaply as possible....
  2. I have a scat which has been ok,but you can get Bug tech through Hayburner Magazine. not sure if they any cheaper though
  3. Buy direct
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  4. Top Man - Cheers Joker :thumbsup:
  5. The black mamba? I wanted one of these but they've stopped making them for buses, cost too much to make apparently :(
  6. The polished stainless steel version.
  7. I have a csp and it gets bloody cold. Need gloves to change gear or rest my hand on for any length of time lol
  8. Alex, I tried the link & failed badly, the one thing I did learn is that the Early Bayers aren't fans of Empi or Scat & they gave you a bit of a run around.

    All credit to you for sticking with them ;)
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  9. More confused than ever, but it's looking like Berg (even though I don't particularly think it'll suit the van) or the Bug Tech (I still think I will....)

    Once again, thanks all for the input, but we're down to 2
  10. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Sort all the linkage out first and you may find the og stick is perfect if a bit short. It's handed unlike the cheaper replacements so no handbrake punching. The OG setup when it's not worn out is quite a tight short shift. With an extension it's perfect. You may gather I'm not a fan of aftermarket shifters, but that's mainly because people ask me to sort out the handbrake punching problem. If the lock-out is via a rod not cable you can't really bend it.
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  11. Cheers Zed, I think I will hold off until I'm home then, get it sorted in week 1 & grab a bargain at SpringDub in week 2...

    That's the 'new' plan anyway
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  13. Sorry Rob I'm sorted, I finally plumped for the CSP as I was home & Air Cooled had it in stock, I do still like the look of the Bug Tech & would have had it if I was still in the market.

    Good luck with selling, I think you'll be ok.
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  14. no worries :)
  15. I have the CSP shifter and really like it. The only issue is, I have to put a sock on it to stop my office worker hands getting cold :thumbsup:
  16. Gene Berg ,
    different gravy,
    I've replaced the coupling and all the bushes and I've got 7 clicks on the handbrake. Almost like driving a car.
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  17. First dibs on your old one;)
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  18. Did you do all the bushes before the gene berg?
  19. Yes mate
    Changed all the bushes and the coupling,
    that made it very good but the Gene Berg
    made it so much better
    Top bit of kit.
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