Which Gear Shifter would you choose?

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by berpit, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Did you sell the bug tech?
  2. yes, to @Joker on here.
  3. Hi guys, someone mentioned that its cheaper to go directly through BugTech in Germany rather than through Hayburner in England.

    We are very sorry if this is the case, we struggle to keep our website updated with the constantly fluctuating Euro so it may well be out of date. We obviously want to give you the best possible price so... If you are interested in a BugTech shifter drop me an email and I can guarantee we will beat anyone else's price for you. nedfaux@hayburner.co.uk

    Many Thanks.
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  4. 77 Westy

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    The prices I quoted were off of UK websites; the Gene Berg can be purchased in the US at a more reasonable price but add carriage, import duty and VAT and it’s not such a good deal but some folks still seem to think they’re getting a bargain presumably because the UK retail price is outrageous.

    The Bug Tech is priced at 329€ In Europe, including VAT but excluding carriage; at today’s exchange rate that’s about £257.

    Both of these shifters have a good reputation but IMO they are not good value for money by the time they get to the UK and not even in the country of origin.
  5. It's not always about value for money though is it. I bought an empi for £50 and I'm more than happy with it, but I'm under no illusion that I'll probably have to replace it in a few years. I've never heard any one who owns a berg ever moan about it or had to replace it. Your best bet is to stick with your stock shifter and stop stressing yourself. :)
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  6. i have a c s p shifter which i find a great. had an empi for about 6years was ok. you def get what you pay for.
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