Which Gear Shifter would you choose?

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by berpit, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Fitted an Empi one recently to a bus. I hate to say it but it felt really nice.

    Typical of Empi the first one had to be returned because reverse lock out wouldn't work.
  2. Went with CSP three years ago and have not looked back. I only drive the bus in spring and summer so it's the getting hot not cold that you have to watch for.
  3. original shift with extension and shick shift plate niiiiiiice
  4. CSP for me......it's quality to the touch, and less expensive than a Gene Berg. Either are excellent though!
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  5. Love the look of the bugtech but I'm keeping my Marmite standard with just an mcj polished billet knob on. Just the right amount of coldness and coolness :)
  6. tbh,,pure race
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  7. 77 Westy

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    I know this is an old thread but I’ve renewed the bushes, shuttlecocks, coupler etc. and I’m considering a replacement shifter. There’s a lot of choice but not many that I like. I don’t want a T handle, for a gear-change that moves sideways as well as back and forth a T handle makes no sense to me and I don’t want a metal knob, something that gets freezing cold in winter and burning hot in summer is just wrong. So my thoughts on shifters:

    Gene Berg – arguably the best but ridiculously expensive, at close to £400 they’re taking the yellow snow. And it has a T handle, so that’s out.

    Bug Tech – apparently it looks ‘awesome’; to me it just looks like a gear lever with exposed levers, pivots and springs waiting for something to get jammed in it. At least it has a ball on the top but it needs a gaiter to cover the gubbins before I’d consider it.

    Vintage Speed – looks more or less original and appears to be very solidly made. My favourite but at $291 plus tax from Taiwan or £217 in the UK it’s more than I want to spend.

    CSP – Another one with a T handle and it’s expensive. Not for me.

    EMPI/Hurst copy – cheap, ball on the top but with a cable operated reverse lockout that doesn’t look ‘right’ and if it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t but with some rework to finish what EMPI should have done this might not be bad.

    Scat – Not too expensive, looks a reasonable quality, yet another one with a T handle but that could possibly be changed for a ball. A nice solid rod operated reverse lock-out. Unfortunately I can’t find one for a LHD otherwise this one ticks more boxes than the others.

    I don’t think any shifter is actually worth more than £150 no matter how good it is, obviously the manufacturers think otherwise but of course they charge whatever people are prepared to pay.

    Although not my favourite I’m probably going for the Scat; it seems a reasonable balance between functionality, quality and price. The EMPI is tempting though.

    Have I missed any?
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  8. I trailed a bugtech off a nice fellow on here ;) I renewed all bushes etc but couldn't get on with it it is a very short throw. I had issues with selecting certain gears and after lots of adjustment gave up, I was gutted cos I think they are lovely bits of kit. I now have an empi trigger type shifter and it's ace. Always fancied a berg though....... :thinking:
    You can get a ball shifter for the bergs too.
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    Stock with a £5 quick shift kit. :)
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    Yep, for another £50 or so (and it has a far from discrete logo on the top - but my name isn’t Gene Berg). I’ve read many comments such as ‘well worth the money’ and ‘worth every penny’ but for me the price is simply outrageous and for that reason I’m not considering a Gene Berg.
    That’s what I have at the moment and it’s worked fine for several years but the pin on the ball and the slot in the cup are worn so the lever rotates more than I’d like. I know I could make a repair but the aftermarket shifters don’t use the same location pins and slot.

    I’ve just read this on another forum - written in 2008. ‘What I would like is the knob and ring pull of the EMPI shifter on the mechanism of the Gene Berg with the leather skirt of the SCAT.......now is that too much to ask?’

    That’s just what I’m looking for too almost 8 years later.
  11. Gene berg works out at about £275 with a ball handle upgrade not £400
  12. Yeah I didn't think they were £400, thought they were a similar price to the bug tech
  13. 77 Westy

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  14. Order from the USA from gene berg direct and its a while load cheaper.

    $255.89 for gearstick
    $59.95 for ball upgrade (+10 if polished)

    Them add shipping and possible import tax and it still works out ALOT cheaper.

    I think I just talked myself into finally buying one
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  15. 77 Westy

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    £404.94 for the Gene berg, £305.00 for the Bug Tech from Hayburner.
  16. 77 Westy

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    It seems to be luck of the draw if you get away without paying any tax but if in addition to the Gene Berg price you have to pay excise duty at 10% plus 20% VAT payable on the basic cost and the delivery charge it’s not so cheap – let us know what you finally pay.
  17. i got my berg (with a ball top) direct from the states. much cheaper than buying here in the uk. yes i also got a customs charge on the top - total all-in was around £275 IIRC.

    btw - if you want the bug tech, you can buy direct from the guy who makes it in germany which is cheaper than hayburner. i got one of those before the berg but sold it 'cos SWMBO said it didn't fit the look of the interior. nice bit of kit but i'm very happy with the berg.

    cab mats and new shifter
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    gene berg shifter
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    bug tech:
    Bug Tech shifter
    by Rob E, on Flickr

    Bug Tech shifter close up
    by Rob E, on Flickr
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    I fitted a scat to mine years ago.
    The ball snapped off the bottom just before last years MOT but my mate just welded it back on and its fine again.
    I too like the Bergs and BugTech ones but cant be arsed to spend the money on them.
  19. Same as ours. Too close to the handbrake but a good shifter.

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