When I was a Lad (or Lass)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DUBious, Aug 11, 2011.

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  4. LOL........

    I've cased your joint already.!!
  5. Baggy do you have kids?
    If so do you pass those skills onto them about living off the land?

    I named my youngest romany willow because of my respect for the real travveling folk of old

    Its all different nowadays because being a nomad doesent fit in with our social dynamics
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    I just like this thread it reminds of how things used to be on here
  9. Difficult for me to put out up that most on here could relate too, but we did have v dubs then :eek: real ones no rust :eek: , my dad used to say they are made of real metal built like ........ ::). My grandad used to say other things but his memories were different. We did have fun though and made up some great games, and do you remember you show me yours first. Queenie queenie whos got the ball is she fat or is she small . See i told ya. MIGHT pull a few out of the woodwork ay malc. ;D
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    When I was 4 in1967, my dad got his first car a 1960 Vauxhall VX490, maroon with a white stripe. Reg no 886 VLG
    He was 35 quite late to learn to drive by today's standards. We were due to go on the anual holiday to Abersoch, about a week before going he failed his test but just took the L plates off and we went anyway.
    Dad drove, I sat on grandads knee in the front, mum, grandma and my two older brothers in the back! No seat belts then! Boot stuffed to capacity and cases on the roof rack.
    I remember we broke down or ran out of petrol in Whitchurch and got a push off a policeman to the nearby garage me blissfully unaware of any wrongdoing.
    The 130 mile journey took about 4 1/2 hrs back then pre A55.
    We'd have a fortnight in a cottage then dad, grandma and grandad would go home and leave us with mum camping for another week on a campsite at the left hand end of Hells mouth beach, there was always a line of about 10 bays and splitty's with cool surfer types parked along the edge nearest the beach and that is where my love of busses comes from. I'll search for some old photos next time I'm in dads loft.

    Ps I'm not an insomniac, I've got jetlag just come back from NewYork.
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  12. my old man , comming home from the vfactory late 60"s on a Friday night , and insisting i go to the swimming pool wiv him so he could teach me to swim! (me about 5 yoa so hardly in pos. to argue !) glad he did !!!! . as he said when , many many years later as a young mkan how the heck he could be bothered he told me "kids are facinated by water, i can"t be with you all the time " ahh dads eh .....!!!!
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    When I was a lad both the milkman & the breadman delivered their goods by horse & cart.

    I'm not joking, I really am that old :-[

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