When I was a Lad (or Lass)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DUBious, Aug 11, 2011.

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    When i was a lad i did my level best to avoid getting a beating from my Dad. Problem is i never did do my level best to avoid getting caught hence the beatings.
  3. From when I was born to the age of 10, we lived in a caravan, sited in my Grans paddock / apple orchard..

    This was back in the seventies, when terms lke Pikey didn't exist... But it is in our family genes...

    My father was the local blacksmith, and we kept a lot of horses etc.... We often used a horses and cart to travel around the villages..

    I look back in affection, to those years.. It was fun, and not the norm compared to my peers at school.. Although I was called Gypo some times.. :-[
  4. reading this I fancy a game of 40/40 or off ground hits 8) I used to love making bow and arrows and shooting my mates, oh and staying up late on sundays to watch "Thats life" and having a bath on sunday nights ready for school the next morning :(
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    lol to that's life, cyril fletcher and his knob shaped vegetables etc, plus the sausages dog ha.
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  8. maybe this thread should have been called "the golden oldies" :D
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    Scrumping and swimming in the river , ohh n Susan Pugh's white bits ;)
  10. whos susan pugh??
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    deffo scrumping and jumping off the river bridge into the river, jeez everytime i walk over that bridge now i wonder how we had the balls.
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    shows how crude my mind is, i thought it said susan pughs tits....
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

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  16. ahhh.. like a first boy crush??
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    NO -- she was a girl -- first boy indeed !.

    His name was Andy --

    And i am joking :eek:
  18. lol ;D
  19. I can remember the name of the series it was with 3 blokes in hospital the theme was "I'm H A P P Y yes I'm H A P P Y I know I am i'm sure i am im H A P P Y" 8) victor meldrew was the Dr.

    cant get the song outta my head now ;D
  20. I got it "only when I laugh" few I can sleep soundly now 8)

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