When I was a Lad (or Lass)

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  1. So, what fond memories do you have from your childhoods (yea I know I am still a big kid) but you know what I mean.

    I remember visiting my auntie and uncles and he took me home in a wheel barrow one time, it was about a 1-1.5 mile journey, but when he got home I was right there behind him as I wanted another ride in the barrow ;D which of course I got, but he did make sure I went in on the second journey.

    Come on, share your fondest moments as a kid
  2. I used to meet my dad bout 100 yards from the house when he was on his way home from the pit. I would get a lift along the road on the front of his step thru scooter.

    Oh also........................................................ never watching TV, computers and laptops and mob's didnt exist and we spent all our time on our bikes, playing footy or fishing!!! ahh them were the days ay.
  3. dog


    driving in our old ford p100, there used to be 4 of us on 2 seats. sometimes i'd get on dads laps and steer while he did the pedals!
    i even remember the reg C540 YAH. we used to think we were so cool as the plate said yah
  4. When i was a Ladett, looool I remember, getting up 5am with my dad and going Fishing, i was in the under15s Girls Angling club hehe won a few too loooool, and i used to go Rabbating too, sounds horrible but i could skin and gutt one, yes, TomBoy i was looooool
  5. When i was little my mum wouldnt let me watch the hammer house of horror movies.. so my dad would tape them for me and then we would close the curtains and watch them together on a sunday morning :)
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  7. oi what ya saying cheeky boy!!
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    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) nowt ;D ;D ;D
  9. I thought as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::) lol
  10. I can remember my first camping trip with my mates, we were camped in this field crapping ourselves as we could hear noises outside the tent, I was around 11-12 and my mates were same age or a year older, anyway, we didnt sleep a wink, too scared to look outside, when we woke up the next morning there were cows in the field and cow hoof prints all around out tent ;D It was dusk / dark when we pitched it, but the field was huge and the cows were clearly no where near when we arrived.
  11. "Apparently"!

    when i was a ickle baby in my dads arms.. he was on the top of the white cliffs holding me and he said he felt such an overwhelming urge to throw me off the cliffs.. JUST SO he could run down and SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luckily he handed me back to me mum!!! ???
  12. One of my favourite memories was when i used to visit my grandparents in Shoreham by Sea.
    My grandad would take me for walks along the beach and the house boats in Shoreham.


    http://www.shorehamhouseboats.co.uk/wiki/Main_Page << click the boat names on the site to see them all

    I now live 5 minutes away from there - but sadly my grandparents have passed away.
  13. LOL i love you skipped past my thread with no comment!!

    AM i the only one that finds this weird!!!!!!! is that a normal father thing to do!!! lol

    aww but walks with your grandparents are fab.. thats what we do with the boys and hope they remember that sort of thing
  16. I use to love going on holiday to Spain with my Dad between the ages of 12 to 16. He always used to hire a car. But he'd never drive it. And then he'd hand me the keys and I'd clock up a thousand or so (thrashed to the limit) miles over the next 2 weeks. Never saw the beach during those years but sure mastered the art of driving.
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    Me n my mates used to walk for mile's , fields , woods , rivers , hills -- we made weapons from ferns to ward off attackers , bent down birch sapplings by sheer number and someone sat atop while we all jumped off -- brilliant :D
  20. me and my best friend did that to bunk the wall at school as it was too high.. but by bending a small tree down sitting on it we could help hoist ourselves over the wall!!! ;D

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