When I was a Lad (or Lass)

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  1. i also used to make 'camps' in the woods and by the rivers .... that was fun.
  2. We used to make camps in the wood.. (most of my friends then were boys) .. climb trees, make mud pies etc and would be out until tea time 6pm.. cant do that now :( would never let my boys alone in the woods all day ...
  3. The title of this thread reminded me of the Hovis ad..
    When i were a lad there were only one brown bread for me and that were 'ovis
    I were weaned on it, schooled on it
    I even went to work on it
    So it came as quite a shock to me when 'ovis brought out a white sliced loaf
    ahh might get over it!

    Anyway back on topic, my friends and i also used to make camps in the woods, recall making one out of some dumped bricks and a car seat once!
    Used to make mud pies, and climb trees, would go out on skates or my bike around the estate as long as i was back by a set time.
    Playing 40-40 out the front.
    Hanging around with 2 other friends and one of us was never allowed a ice cream when the ice cream van came round, whilst the other 2 were.
    Having screw balls, popeyes and fabs from the ice cream van.
    Fruit and veg van coming round.
    Bakers van coming round where my grandparents lived!
    Swapping panini stickers and garbage pail kids at school.
    Snooping round the "haunted" house near where i used to live!
  4. To many to write down so just a selection
    Making dutch arrows
    building camps and finding creeper swings in the woods
    Building bikes out of bits
    Going up in the loft and finding my old toys
    Going in my mums wardrobe and finding my christmas presents
    my raleigh runabout and nsu quickly mopeds
    mum and dad taking us to holland camping brilliant
  6. whats 40/40??
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  9. cool .. might start playing that :) I can spring out on darren when he gets home from work.. a bit like kato!!!
  10. [​IMG]

    LOL Look out Dazzle :)
  11. tee hee .. exactly!! bout the same height difference too looool
  12. Driving 12 miles there an back three times a week with my dad to karate with our mix tapes playing (from age 11-16!) ;D Mum and dad had a load of old 45's from the 60's so I would record them onto a tape and we would sing along all the way there and back, was 'triffic 8)
  13. awwww

    we had to do sunday "sing along" while mum played piano and dad drummed (when he was allowed) .. like mull of kin tire!! was a firm sunday afternoon favourite!!!!!!
    but looking back.. was kinda nice
  14. From about the age of 13 I did a morning milk round, followed by a morning paper round, then did an after school paper round and on Thursday's did the milk money collection after the paper round, I have to say, I don't work that hard now thank god :) I was however really well off at school and by the time I got to 16 I brought my first motorbike with money I had saved from all those jobs.
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    From 13 i was blagging me way the 100 odd miles to old trafford , man you really would laugh if i told yer all me money makin exploits -- ingenius i was ;) ;)
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    hedge hopping, british bulldog, akky 123, kick the can, knock a door ginger(knock and run), also when we was real naughty we used to put milk bottles on the door handles of peoples doors then knock the door and wait for the smash, if we didn't like them or they had annoyed us we used to fill a bag with dogcrap and set it on fire on their path then knock and run and laugh when they stamped on it in their bare feet or slippers.......oh yes and kids today have no respect lol.
  18. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    remember one time we put a portaloo in the canal to make a boat and a copper seen us from the other side of the canal so we thought we was smart and got away with it, until he shouted at us oi you 2 i know your dads and i'm gonna go and see them, true enough when i got home a sore arse off the slipper wasn't far off!
  19. when i was 6 i remember getting my first train set a clockwork one wish i still had it
    i remember when i was 16 and getting my first motor bike it was a douglas dragonfly i wish i still had that

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